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Dolly Wilde
(July 11, 1895 - April 10, 1941) U.K.

Dolly Wilde

A "wit"


The only child of Oscar Wilde's dissipated older brother Willie, Dorothy Wilde was born just after Uncle Oscar's arrest. She was lovely, sophisticated, and famous for her witty conversation, even in a social circle that was known for its fabulous talkers.

Dolly WildeDolly was regarded as a "born writer" and storyteller, but she never came through on her promise and her gifts. Unfortunately for Dolly's posthumous reputation, she "was an artist of the spoken word" whose only written legacy was her marvelous correspondence.

Charming, witty, and radiating sexual allure, Dolly was the star of many salons - she did pretty well in the bedrooms too, lovers with some of London's and Paris's most interesting men and women.

She had talent but left no work but her life - as though living out the last half of the life her uncle was denied. Dolly led a life as scandalous and glittering as her uncle's: she, too, loved her own sex, and her longest romantic relationship was with American heiress Natalie Clifford Barney, who was host of the most important Parisian literary salon of the 20th century.

She burnt out on drugs and booze. The sad loneliness of her death, possibly from a drug overdose, happened in London when Dolly was just 45-years-old. A book about her is "Truly Wilde: The Unsettling Story of Dolly Wilde, Oscar Wilde's Unusual Niece" by Joan Schenkar and published by Virago (London).


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