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Zacharias Wilsma
(1708 - 1737 ?) Holland

Zacharias Wilsma

Soldier, hustler


Zacharias Wilsma, a soldier and hustler, was arrested in Utrecht, in 1730, and under torture confessed to being part of a nation-wide network of sodomites, with meeting points and a special jargon. His allegations led to a frenzied witch-hunt of homosexuals in Holland in the 1730s, in which many people were arrested, tortured and executed, many on circumstantial and unproveable charges.

The confessions of those convicted in the wake of Wilsma's testimony revealed a sodomitical subculture with its own slang and meeting places including "fun houses", as sodomites called the all-male brothels, and two taverns. Men who left the taverns to have sex with each other in public toilets were said to be "going to the office" and they had names for their sexual practices: the "shaking out" meant masturbation, the "dirty work" referred to anal intercourse.

For a more complete description of that period in Holland, see - http://www.gayhistory.com/rev2/events/1730.htm


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