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Thomas Reuben James Jefferson Withers
(1804 - November 7, 1866) U.S.A.

Thomas Withers



Withers was born in Ebenezer, near Rock Hill, York County, South Carolina, and served as a state court judge in 1846. He represented the state in the Provisional Confederate Congress in 1861.

Journalist, lawyer, and Judge of the South Carolina Court of Appeals, he wrote "Cato" on Constitutional "Money" and Legal Tender (1862). He was a Confederate politician from South Carolina who served in the Confederate States Congress during the American Civil War.

The college sexual relationship between James Hammond who later served as Governor, Congressman, and Senator, with Jeffrey Withers, one of the founders of the Confederacy, is documented in Jeffrey's love letters, 1826, to Jim Hammond.

The following is taken from surviving letters between Thomas Jefferson Withers to James H. Hammond, young aristocratic white South Carolina gentleman. Writing to Hammond, a 22-year-old Withers required:

"I feel some inclination to learn whether you yet sleep in your shirt-tail, and whether you yet have the extravagant delight of poking and punching a writhing bedfellow with your fleshen pole - the exquisite touches of which I have often had the honor of feeling?"

Hammond's reply appears lost to history, but a subsequent letter from Withers suggest that Hammond's response was to brag about his sexual prowess, for Withers gently teased his former partner. (Note: The "she-male" mentioned perhaps refers to a gay man who may or may not have been visibly effeminate.):

"I fancy, Jim, that your elongated protuberance - your fleshen pole - has captured complete mastery over you - and I really believe, that you are charging over the pine barrens of your locality, braying, like ans ass, at every she-male you can discover... the flaming excess of your lustful appetite may drag down the vengence of supernal power. And you'll be damned if you don't marry?"

The Civil War destroyed most of his estate. He died after "a brief illness."


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