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Mary Wollstonecraft
(April 27, 1759 - September 10, 1797) U.K

Mary Wollstonecraft


Fanny Blood
(1758 - November 29, 1785) U.K.

Fanny Blood

Iillustrator, educator


Mary Wollstonecraft was born in London, England, the daughter of a farmer. She taught school and worked as a governess, experiences that inspired her views in Thoughts on the Education of Daughters (1787).

Mary opened a school at Newington Green in 1784 with her sister Eliza and a friend: there she made acquaintance of R. Price and other eminent Dissenters. In 1788 she wrote the first lesbian novel written by a woman, Mary, a Fiction.

Mary WollstonecraftIt is the story of a woman who marries a man she does not love, and with whom she does not have sex. When he leaves on an extended voyage, her girlfriend Ann moves in. Mary may be autobiographical, for the author had a close and passionate relationship with a woman named Fanny Blood. Mary Wollstonecraft herself was married.

Her book Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792) provided the philosophical underpinnings of the women's rights movements of later centuries; it calls for women and men to be educated equally..

In 1792 Mary left England to observe the French Revolution in Paris, where she lived with an American, Captain Gilbert Imlay. In the spring of 1794 she gave birth to a daughter, Fanny. The following year, distraught over the breakdown of her relationship with Imlay, she attempted suicide.

In 1796 she began a liaison with Godwin, and on March 29, 1797, Mary being pregnant, they were married. The marriage was happy but brief; Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin died of septicaemia 11 days after the birth of her second daughter, Mary, the future Mary Shelley.


Frances "Fanny" Blood was the daughter of Matthew Blood II and Caroline Roe.

Fanny Blood was paid by the botanist William Curtis to paint wild flowers for his book Flora Londinensis. This created an income for her family. Fanny was engaged to Hugh Skeys but her fiance had gone to sea to establish money that would finance their marriage.

Fanny Blood and her brother Lieutenant George Blood were good friends with Mary Wollstonecraft. They met in 1774 after introductions by common friends, the Clares. As William Godwin wrote, Mary "contracted a friendship so fervent, as for years to have constituted the ruling passion of her mind".

Blood, together with Mary Wollstonecraft and Wollstonecraft's sisters, Eliza and Everina, opened a school first in Islington, which soon failed, and then in Newington Green. The school was combined with a boarding-house for women and their children. On February 24, 1785, Fanny Blood married Hugh Skeys (born ca. 1758), a wine merchant of Dublin. When Blood married and left the school, Wollstonecraft left as well to take care of her friend, also the second school failed.

Blood died in childbirth in Lisbon, Portugal. Wollstonecraft was deeply affected by Blood's death and in part inspired her first novel, Mary: A Fiction (1788). Wollstonecraft named her daughter, Fanny Imlay (1794-1816), after her friend.


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