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Jessica Xavier
(? - living) U.S.A.

Jessica Xavier

Musician, singer


Jessica is an openly bisexual, transsexual woman, a sexual minorities activist and singer/songwriter. Her activism began while working as a volunteer with the Host Committee of the 1993 March On Washington. She is the National Director of It's Time, America! the first nationally-organized grass roots political action group for transgendered persons. She also serves as the spokesperson for It's Time, Maryland!, currently pursuing both anti-discrimination and redocumentation issues at the state and local levels in Maryland.

She is also the founder of Transgender Nation - Washington, which focused its efforts on fighting transphobia in the Washington media and in the DC Metropolitan Police and Fire Departments. Those efforts lead her to work with Washington's anti-violence project, GLOV (Gay Men and Lesbians Opposing Violence) and later join its board of directors.

Jessica is a Member of the Board of Directors of AEGIS, and as the Outreach Director for the TransGender Educational Association of Greater Washington, has made over a hundred outreach presentations to Washington and Baltimore area colleges and universities, mental health groups, crisis centers and hotlines, and gay, lesbian and bisexual organizations and campus groups. She has also appeared on local television and radio to discuss transsexualism and transgenderism.

She is also very familiar with HIV/AIDS issues, working as a member of a clinical research trials team during her employment at the George Washington University Medical Center. For two years she managed the outpatient AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, and during her last two years at GW, she gender-transitioned on the job while working on lipid research and estrogen replacement studies.

In her last consulting position, she served as the project manager and database administrator for the National Runaway and Homeless Youth Managerment Information System of the Administration on Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services.

She is an author of many essays and columns in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender newspapers, newsletters and journals. As a singer/songwriter, she plays keyboards abd bass guitar, and fronts the band Me Neither (a flip reply to someone's question, "are you a boy or a girl?"). Her song Stonewall commemorates the often forgotten role of the drag queens in the Stonewall rebellion in June, 1969.

Jessica lives in Kensington, Maryland and is currently an independent consultant to various GLBTQ, AIDS Service and Youth Service Organizations in Washington, DC.


The Same New Me (from "Changeling", 2000)
By Jessica Xavier

Hello, old friend
Yes, it's been a while
Is that a frown
Instead of your usual smile?
Don't be put off
It's no put on
I'll try to explain it in this song

I fought this war
But you couldn't have known
Went on this journey
Now I'm finally home
I found no why
But I did find who I am
And this is who I'll be
The best I can

(Refrain) So...Don't be sad
Just be glad
It's the only choice I ever had
No one to blame
For how I've changed
Though to you this must seem so very strange
I'm sorry to have caused you any difficulty
But I am still your friend
The same new me

Goodbye, old friend
Yes, it's hard to accept
I had my hopes
But I didn't know what to expect
There is no why
There's only who I am
And this is who I'll be
The best I can


Goodbye, old friend


Source: http://www.transhistory.org/history/TH_Jessica_Xavier.html

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