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Joey Yale
(December 25, 1949 - April 18, 1986) U.S.A.

Joey Yale

Porno actor


Joey was born Joseph Richard Yanoska in Lynch, Kentucky and grew up in Indianapolis. He worked under the stage name Joey Yale. He started his career in the original "Disney on Parade," the original traveling roadshow, all over the states. Joey played Mowgli, "The Jungle Boy", in a black wig and red diaper. He left Indianapolis when he was seventeen, with $100 in his pocket.

He met gay porn director Fred Halsted outside a leather bar in West Hollywood, in 1969. They became lovers and later Fred convinced him to star in his first porn, L.A. Plays Itself. Joey filmed most of the work, but halfway through the film, he had such indecision about what he was doing that he backed out of the project. They split, Fred being really upset with him.

Several years later, however, that relationship was rekindled, and Joey and Fred became business and personal partners. They lived together for many years in a West Hollywood apartment. Their partnership included their gay porn company "Cosco".

Joey's career was greatly bolstered by several performances with veteran actor Brett Mahoney of New York. Their relationship offscreen, however, was violent. After the infamous scene where Joey brutalizes Brett in several ways, they never talked again. David "The Dick" Clements also helped to boost his career. They enjoyed nights of wine and 3-way sex with Dom "lil D" Izzo. They all loved S&M.

In July 1983, Joey performed with John Holmes in one of Holmes' gay films, The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes. At the time Yale had already contracted AIDS, and died three years later of complications, on a hill in Palm Springs, California. He was cremated and his ashes were spread on that same hill overlooking the town of Palm Springs, the place he loved. Soon after his lover Fred Halsted commited suicide.


Picture from: http://bjland.ws/directors/interview.html

His work include:

  • L.A. Plays Itself (1972)
  • Rugged Men (1976)
  • Hot and Heavy (1976)
  • Groupies (1977)
  • Fire Island (1978)
  • Harley's Angels (1979)
  • Fire Island Fever (1979)
  • Leather Narcissus (1980)
  • Revenge of the Nighthawk (1983)
  • The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes (1983)
  • Thinking Big (1985)
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