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Anatoly Nikiforovich Yar-Kravchenko
(1911 - 1983) Lithuania




Anatoly Yar-Kravchenko was a pillar of the Soviet official "social realism" art. His paintings and graphic works often featured Stalin and other Soviet leaders and heroes. He also was the painter of watercolors of the rooms in the Alexander Palace that are contained in the "At Home with the last Tsar" guidebook.

Yar-Kravchenko also was one of a few painters whose portrait works were reproduced on post stamps. Apparently his privileged status obtained him, together with Yuri Neprintsev, an access to the Tsarskoye Selo palaces.

He was the lover of Klyuev, with whom he lived in Leningrad (present St Petersburg) at the end of the 1920s.


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