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Alexander Zaremba
(? - living) Russia

Alexander Zaremba



In 1984, some 30 young people in Leningrad, led by Alexander Zaremba, a young philologist who had recently moved there from Kiev, set up the "Leningrad Gay Laboratory." They established contact with a Finnish gay and lesbian association, dispatched information to the West about the woeful state of Soviet gays, and started, to the extent that circumstances allowed, to provide information on AIDS prevention for homosexuals, which the Soviet medical community had completely failed to do.

It did not take long, however, before the group caught the eye of the KGB and found itself on the receiving end of political and ideological accusations, threats, and repression, as a result of which group members were forced to emigrate or hold their peace. Zaremba was imprisoned by the KGB in 1986 for his activities.


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