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Eve Zaremba
(1930 - living) Canada

Eve Zaremba

Writer, activist


Born in Poland, WWII was a pivotal event for Zaremba, who left her country in 1940. She attended secondary school in Scotland and England then emigrated to Canada in 1952. She attended the University of Toronto.

Her experience in advertising, market research and business consulting gave her practical skills into an atmosphere of heady idealism. She fought for an autonomous lesbian movement and helped to establish the Lesbian organisation of Toronto (LOOT) in 1976.

She has also owned a used-book store and a publishing enterprise in Toronto. She is the creator of Helen Karemos, the first-ever lesbian detective in a series. Eve is the founding member of (and writer for) Broadside, A Feminist Review.

She now lives in Toronto with her partner of 19 years, Ottie Lockey.


Source: excerpts from: Aldrich R. & Wotherspoon G., Who's Who in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian History, from WWII to Present Day, Routledge, London, 2001 - et alii

Her work include:

  • Privilege of Sex: A Century of Canadian Women (1972)
  • A Reason to Kill (1978)
  • Work for a Million (1986)
  • Beyond Hope (1987)
  • Uneasy Lies (1990)
  • The Butterfly Effect (1994)
  • White Noise (1997)
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