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(July 1956 - living) Canada


Painter, musician


Born in Quebec, Zïlon lives and works in Montréal. Zïlon is a multi-media artist - paintings, drawings, film, video, performance and music are his production.

ZïlonIn the early 80's , he was known for is "urban drawings" (graffiti). A simple black line drawing of an androgynous face. From the alley ways (and night clubs) to galleries. His paintings and drawings are now part of several collectionsZïlon from Paris to New-York.

The (pop) univers of Zïlon deals with chaos and urban alianations.

He flirts with fashion - Prints for a collection of Phillippe Dubuc (Paris 2003 - 2004); theater (posters and visuals) for Wajdi Mouawad , Robert Lepage and many others; and music, a mix of a song called Heavy for the electroclash music artist Frigid and soundtracks for several underground movies and videos.

You can see images of his work at: http://www.yveslaroche.com


Source: entry kindly sent by Théo Wouters

Web Site: http://zilonsonic.com

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