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Warren Zufelt
(1941 - March 18, 1975) Canada

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Civil servant


As was common in Canada, homosexuals were subject to police arrest, merely by being in the company of other Homosexuals. During the dates of March 3 - 20, 1975, Ottawa police carried out a large coordinated crackdown on homosexuals. Eighteen people were arrested and later found their names in print or read on the National news even those that were not charged.

One individual, Warren Zufelt, a homosexual that worked for the federal government committed suicide after his name appeared in the paper.

Zufelt, a 34-year old civil servant, threatened to commit suicide if his name were published. On March 18, 1975 his name was published. He jumped to his death from his 13-story apartment building.

The media sensationalized the "Ottawa Sex Scandal," calling the agencies a "white slavery ring" and a "homosexual vice ring." The names, ages, addresses, and occupations of those arrested were published or reported not only locally, but in newspapers across the country and on national radio.

Two days after the tragic death of Zufelt, GO (Gays of Ottawa) organized a march on the Ottawa Journal and Police Headquarters...

The effect of Warren Zufelt's death was to create an atmosphere of shock in both the gay and the straight communities in Ottawa. All charges against the men were proved false, and they all were dismissed in 1976.


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