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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

24th May 1694
Mustapha Pochowachett
Sexual Offences - Sodomy

Mustapha Pochowachett a Turk, was Tried for committing the most Unnatural and Horrid Sin of Buggery, which is so detestable, and not fit to be named among Christians; which he did on the 11th of this Instant May, upon the Body of one Anthony Bassa, Dutch Boy, of the age of 14 years, and upwards.

Bassa swore, that they lay together in the Room, and in the Night-time the Prisoner assaulted him, and forced his Yard into his Body; upon which the Boy cried out, to prevent which he stopt his Mouth with the Pillow, and used him in a very unnatural manner.

The Surgeon swore that he had given the said Bassa the Venereal Distemper, and that the Boy was very ill with it.

The Prisoner was ask'd, What he had to say? which was done by an Interpreter sworn for that purpose.

The Prisoner told him, that he never did any such thing, only lay in the Room with him.

But then the Surgeon further deposed, That he being order'd to search the Boy, found two great Ulcers on both sides his Fundament, and that he was in a dangerous condition.

That the Turk's Members were shanker'd, and much bloody, and a great hole upon the fleshly part of his Yard.

The Turk said by the Interpreter, that he was not able to do such a thing, and would stand the Search, but that was not done.

The Jury believ'd the Boy's [Text unreadable in original.]; and the thing appeared very very foul and detestable before the Face of Christians, being a Crime so grievous in the sight of God, the Jury having maturely consider'd of the Fact, brought him in guilty of Buggery.

[Punishment: Death]



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