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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

20th April 1726
Thomas Wright
Sexual Offences - sodomy divider

Thomas Wright , was indicted for committing Buggery with Thomas Newton . Jan 10 1724- 5.

Thomas Newton thus depos'd.

Last January 12 Month, the Prisoner had the Carnal Use of my Body at his own House, in Christophers Alley in Moor-fields : He was a Wooll-Comber by Trade, but he sold a Dram among such Company as came to his House.

- He afterwards remov'd to Beech Lane, and there kept Rooms for the entertainment of Sodomites. He sold Ale, but he had it from other Ale-houses: He has often fetch'd me to oblige Company in that way, and especially to one Gregory Turner.

William Davison and - Sellars thus depos'd.

The discovering of the Molly Houses, was chiefly owing to a Quarrel betwixt Mark Partridge and - Harrington: For upon this Quarrel Partridge to be revenged on Herrington, had blab'd something of the Secret, and afterwards gave a large Information of a great many others.

The Mollies had heard something of the first Discovery, but did not imagine how far he had proceeded, and what further Designs he had upon them.

- By his means we were introduced to the Company, at the Prisoners Lodging's. There were 8 or 9 of them in a large Room, one was playing upon a Fiddle, and others were one while dancing in obscene Postures, and other while Singing baudy Songs, and talking leudly, and Acting a great many Indecencies.

- But they look'd a skew upon Mark Partridge, and call'd him a treacherous, blowing-up Mollying Bitch, and threatned that they'd Massacre any body that betray'd them.

The Prisoner was very fond of us, and kist us all at parting in a most indecent manner, Edward Sanders in behalf of the Prisoner depos'd, That he never heard any such report of the Prisoner before; That he was born and bred at Newbury, and was esteem'd an honest Man,

[Verdict: Guilty - Punishments: Death]

20th April 1726
Gabriel Lawrence
Sexual Offences - sodomy


Gabriel Lawrence, was indicted for feloniously committing with Thomas Newton, aged 30 Years, the heinous and detestable Sin of Sodomy .

Thomas Newton thus depos'd.

At the End of last June, one Peter Bavidge (who is not yet taken) and - Eccleston (who dy'd last Week in Newgate) carry'd me to the House of Margaret Clap (who is now in the Compter) and there I first became acquainted with the Prisoner.

Mrs. Clap's House was next to the Bunch of Grapes in Field-lane, Holbourn. It bore the publick Character of a Place of Entertainment for Sodomites , and for the better Conveniency of her Customers, she had provided Beds in every Room in her House.

She usually had 30 or 40 of such Persons there every Night, but more especially on a Sunday.

I was conducted up one pair of Stairs, and by the Perswasions of Bavidge (who was present all the Time) I suffer'd the Prisoner to commit the said Crime. He has attempted the same since that Time, but I never would permit him any more.

When Mrs. Clap was taken up, in February last, I went to put in Bail for her; at which Time, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Willis told me, they believ'd I could give Information, which I promis'd to do, and I went next Day, and gave Information accordingly.

- Samuel Stephens thus depos'd.

Mrs. Clap's House was notorious for being a Molly-House.

- In order to detect some that frequented it, I have been there several Times, and seen 20 or 30 of 'em together, making Love, as they call'd it, in a very indecent Manner. Then they used to go out by Pairs, into another Room, and at their return, they would tell what they had been doing together, which they call'd marrying.

The Prisoner acknowledg'd, that he had been several Times at Clap's House, but never knew that it was a Rendesvouz for such Persons.

- He call'd several to his Character.

Henry Hoxan thus depos'd.

I have kept the Prisoner Company, and served him with Milk these 18 Years, for he is a Milk Man, and I am a Cow-Keeper, I have been with him at the Oxfordshire Feast, and there we have both got drink, and come Home together in a Coach, and yet he never offer'd any such thing to me.

Thomas Fuller thus depos'd.

The Prisoner married my Daughter, 18 Years ago; She has been dead these 7 Years, and he has a Girl by her, that is 13 Years old.

- Several others deposd, that he was a very sober Man, and that they had often been in his Company when he was drunk; but never found him inclinable to such Practices.

[Verdict: Guilty - Punishments: Death]

He was a 2d. Time indicted, for committing Sodomy with Mark Partridge, Nov. 10. But being Convicted of the Former, he was not Try'd for this.

20th April 1726
William Griffin
Sexual Offences - sodomy


William Griffin , was indicted for Committing Sodomy with Thomas Newton, May 10.

Thomas Newton thus depos'd.

The Prisoner and Thomas Phillips, (who is since absconded,) were Lodgers for near 2 Years at Clap's House.

I went up stairs, while the Prisoner was a Bed, and there he committed the Act with me.

Samuel Stevens depos'd, That he had seen the Prisoner, and his Gang at Clap's House.

[Verdict: Guilty - Punishments: Death]


Ordinary's Account, 9th May 1726.

THE ORDINARY of NEWGATE his ACCOUNT, Of the Behaviour, Confession, and dying Words of the Malefactors, who were Executed on Monday, the 9th of this Instant May, 1726, at Tyburn.

AT the Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, for the City of London; and on the King's Commission of Jail-Delivery of Newgate, held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bailey, for the City of London, and County of Middlesex; on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d of April, 1726, in the Twelfth Year of his Majesty's Reign; (before the Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Forbes, Knt .

Lord Mayor of the City of London; the Rt. Hon. the Lord Chief Justice Raymond; the Hon. Mr. Baron Price; Sir William Thomson, Knt . Recorder ; and John Raby, Serjeant at Law ; and other his Majesty's Justices of Jail-Delivery, and Oyer and Terminer aforesaid; together with his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said City of London) Fifteen Malefactors were convicted of Capital Crimes, and receiv'd Sentence of Death, viz. Thirteen Men, and Two Women. John Murrel was also convicted Capitally, for stealing a brown Mare, val 8 l. but being dangerously ill, his Sentence was respited.

While under Sentence, they were instructed in the Principles of our Holy Christian Religion; in the Original of Right and Property; they were taught the great Evil of the Sin of Murder from several weighty Considerations; and if Murder in general be one of the most heinous Sins, then in proportion the murderer of one's nearer and dearest Relation must be still a greater Sin than common Murder; and not only of one who is most nearly Related, but also who, by the Laws of God and Man, is a superiour Person in Power and Honour; for that the Husband is called the Head of the Wife, her Lord, &c. and therefore the Laws of this Kingdom have wisely declar'd it to be a greater Crime, and affix'd a severer Punishment upon a Wife's murdering her Husband, than upon other Murderers, &c.

I likewise insisted upon the Villany and Uncleanness of unnatural Sins, which ought not to be nam'd among People who have any remainders of Civility lest, much less among Christians who profess the true Religion, teaching us to deny all Ungodliness and Worldly Lusts &c especially the Lusts of the Flesh, &c. I show'd 'em the Evil of this Sin from God's visible Judgments inflicted on Sodom and Gomorrah, and the neighbouring Cities, in raining Fire and Brimstone from Heaven upon them, and consuming them as in a Moment, &c, And in the Apostle St Paul, Rom. 1. and St. Jude in his Epistle, inveighing so much against these most impious and notorious Sinners, &c.

In time of delivering these and many other useful Instructions, all of them appeared to be attentive; but no outward Signs of Repentance and Sorrow for Sin, requisite in every sincere Christian, much more in such notable and most impious Offenders, as many, if not all of 'em were;


[8.] GABRIEL LAURENCE, aged 43 Years, was a Papist, and did not make many particular Confessions to me: He kept the Chapel with the rest, for the most part, was always very Grave, made frequent Responces with the rest, and said the Lord's Prayer and the Creed after me.

He own'd himself of the Romish Communion, but said he had a great liking to the Church of England, and could communicate with them, but this I would not allow unless he renounc'd errors.

He said that Newton had perjur'd himself, and that in all he had never been guilty of that detestable Sin, but that he liv'd many Years with a Wife, who had born several Children, kept a good sober House; and this he desir'd me to Publish.

9. William Griffin, was indicted for committing Sodomy with Thomas Newton.

WILLIAM GRIFFIN, aged 43 Years, an Upholsterer by Trade in Southwark, had (as he said) been a Man of good Business, but having squander'd away or lost his Money, was fallen into Poverty.

He denied the Fact for which he died, calling Newton the Evidence perjur'd, and saying that that abominable Sin was always the aversion of his Soul; for he had liv'd many Years with a good virtuous Wife, who had several Children, two of which, a Boy and a Girl, are living, and (as he said) both of them behave mighty well, and to the Satisfaction of all concern'd with 'em, and he hop'd that the World would not be so unjust as to upbraid his poor Children with his unfortunate Death.

10. Thomas Wright was indicted for committing Buggery with Thomas Newton.

THOMAS WRIGHT, born at Newbury, aged 32 Years, was instructed in his younger Years in the Principles of Christianity, and inclin'd to the Anabaptist-Way. He said also, that Newton swore falsely against him; but could not deny his following these abominable Courses, only he refus'd to make particular Confessions.

Although he had been used to go to seperate Meetings, yet, he said, that he lov'd and esteem'd the Church of England, and was willing to communicate with the Church as soon as with Dissenters; that he always liv'd sobely, following his Employment, which was that of Wooll-Combing ; that he died in the Christian Faith, a Protestant, believing to be sav'd only through the Merits of Jesus Christ.


Wright could not deny his Guilt, but reflected on Newton the Evidence as perjur'd in some Particulars, Griffin would not own the commission of the detestable Sin, but said he had been guilty of Self-Pollutions, Laurence said, that a certain Person had injur'd him, when he took him before the Justice of Peace who committed him, in swearing or affirming that 15 Years ago he had been taken up for that unnatural Sin, and that it cost him £ to get himself free, which he said was utterly false, for till this time he was never suspected:

Mrs. Hayes was burnt alive; she appear'd altogether unconcern'd, and own'd Billings for her Child, adding nothing to her former Confessions.

This is the Account given by me, J. Guthrie, Minister at Newgate.

London; Printed by JOHN APPLEBEE, in Black-Fryers.



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