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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

11th July 1726
Martin Mackintosh
Sexual Offences - assault with sodomitical intent divider

Martin Mackintosh was indicted for a Misdemeanor in assaulting Joseph Sellers with an Intent to commit with him the detestable Sin of Sodomy November 12.

Joseph Sellers thus depos'd, Mark Partridge carried me and others to several Sodomitical Houses in order to detect some Persons that frequented them, among the rest he carried us to Mr. Jone's a Tallow-Chandler at the Tobacco Roll and Crown or the 3 Tobacco-Rolls know not which in Drury-Lane.

As soon as we came in, Gabriel Lawrence (it was since hang'd for Sodomy) began to scold at Mark Partridge, calling him vile Dog, a blowing up Bitch and other ill Names because Partridge had blad'd out something about one Harrington's being concern'd with him in such Practice.

Patridge excus'd himself by telling the Company, that Harrington first divulged the Secret and that what he said was only to be even with him. Upon this they seem'd to be pretty well reconcild.

We had agreed before hand, that I should pass for Mark Partridge, Husband, to prevent my being too far attack'd by any of the Company.

The Prisoner sold Oranges and for that reason he went by the Maiden Name as they call'd Orange Deb. He and Lawrence appear'd very fond another, they hug'd and kissed and employ'd their in a very vile Manner

- The Prisoner came to me, put his Hands my Breeches thrust his Tongue into my mouth swore that he'd go 40 Mile enjoy me and beg'd of me to go backward, and let him - but I refusing he offer'd to sit bare in my Lap upon which Partridge snatch'd a red hot pocker out he Fire and then run it into his arse.

Samuel Stevens confirm'd the Evidence.

The Prisoner in his Defence call'd some who had been his Bed-follows; who depos'd that he never offer'd any such Thing to them, and that he had a Wife and Child and took care of his Family.

The Jury found him Guilty.

[Punishments: pillory; fine; imprisonment]



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