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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

11th July 1726
William Brown
Sexual Offences - assault with sodomitical intent divider

William Brown , was indicted for a Misdemeanour, in assaulting Thomas Newton , with an Intent to commit Sodomy with him.

Thomas Newton thus depos'd.

- Willis and Stevenson the Constables having a Warrant to apprehend Sodomites, I went with them to an Ale house in Moorfields, where we agreed that I should go out, and pick one up, and they'd wait at a proper Distance.

There's a Walk in the upper Moorfields, by the Side of the Wall that joins to the Watch-home and parts the upper Field from the middle I knew this to be a Place that Sodomites frequented, and was well acquainted with the Methods they took in picking one another up.

- So I takes a Turn that Way, and leaning over the Wall, The prisoner passes by, and looks at me and at a little Distance from me, he stands up against the Wall as if he was making Water, then he moves higher and higher to where I stood till he came close to me.

- Tis a fine Night says he, Aye, says I so it is Then he takes me by the Hand, and (I shewing no dislike) he guides it to his Breeches, and puts his Privities into it. I held him fast, and call'd out to my Companions, who coming up we carry'd him to the Watch-house.

- I had seen the Prisoner before at the House of - Wright, who was hang'd for Sodomy.

- Willis and Stevenson depos'd that the Prisoner being asked why he made such an Offer to Newton he answer'd, I did it because I thought I knew him, and I think there's no Crime in making what use I please of my own Body.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, that going across the Fields he stood up only to make Water, at which Time, Newton came and seiz'd him.

He call'd several Men and Women to his Reputation who depos'd that he had been married 12 or 13 Years, had the Character of on honest Man, a kind Husband, and one that loved the Company of Women better than that of his own Sex, The Jury found him Guilty.

[Punishment: pillory; fine; imprisonment]



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