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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

7th December 1726
James Williams
Theft - grand larceny - Sexual Offences - sodomy divider

James Williams was indicted for stealing a Sagathy Coat, Wastcoat, and a pair of Breeches, 1 pair of Silk Stockings, and other Things to the Value of 23 Shillings , the Goods of Mr. John Elton.

John Elton thus depos'd.

I hired the Prisoner as a Servant the Beginning of September last, but he not pleasing me I parted from him in 14 Days, but hearing soon after that he was committed to the Gatehouse, I order'd my Servants to see if they missed any Thing, and finding that there was several Things wanting I went to the Gatehouse, where I found the Prisoner in Bed with the Breeches and Wastecoat on, mention'd in the Indictment George Scullard corroborated his Master's Evidence.

The Prisoner in his Defence said,

The Cloaths were given him by a young Gentleman that was at Mr. Elton's while he was there.

The Jury found him guilty to the Value of 10 d.

He was a second Time indicted for a Misdemeanour, for enticeing and endeavouring to commit the foul Sin of Sodomy with Henry Lloyd , October 16.

Henry Lloyd thus depos'd,

On the 16th Day of October, the Prisoner came to St. James's Chapel, and when Service was over, the Prisoner ask'd me if I did not know one Mr. Lloyd, I told him I did, for he was my Brother, he said he lov'd me for my Brother and Mother's Sake, and ask'd me to go to the Tavern with him, and then ask'd me to kiss him; at the End of the Mall he put his Hand into my Breeches, and forced my Hand into his, and when we came against Baron Bothmor's Wall, he struggled with me till I was quite tir'd, but while he was letting down his Breeches I run away

- On St. Luke's Day the Prisoner came to the Chapel, and spoke to me again, and carried me to an Ale-house in great Bond-street, and ask'd if the Man of the House was within, they answer'd no; from thence he went into St. James's street again, and carried me into a passage, kiss'd me, and held me against the Wall; at last I got away, then the Prisoner said, Mr. Lloyd you are deadly cross, you won't do as I would have you.

Then he had me to the King's Head in Pall Mall, and call'd for half a Pint of Mountain, then pull'd his Chair close to mine, and put his Hand into my Breeches, and would have had me put mine into his.

Dr. Croft deposed;

I am Master of the Children of his Majesty's Chapel, and Henry Lloyd told me what had happened, I enquired after the Prisoner, and gave Orders, that if he came again, the Boy should have Liberty to go along with him to an Ale-house, that we might apprehend him, left such a Person coming amongst the Children might have an ill effect.

Silvanus Lloyd deposed to this Effect, that the Boy having Liberty to go with the Prisoner, he followed them at some Distance through St. James's street into a Passage, where he saw the Prisoner rude with Henry Lloyd, from thence he followed them to the Unicorne, and took a Chairman with him for fear there should be a Club of them; then asked the Man of the House what Gentleman that was that was along with one of the King's Schollars?

he laughed, and asked me, Is he a Molley?

I went up Stairs, asked Henry Lloyd what Acquaintance he had with that Gentleman, he told me he offered to Treat him with a Supper

- I seized the Prisoner, who, as we was going down Stairs had like to have made his Escape, but that being prevented, he down of his Knees, and said, he hoped we would not prosecute him, offering to Treat us, or to give us all the Money in his Pocket, but that not availing, he said we could not hang him, he not having committed the Fact.

The Prisoner made but a poor Defence, by saying that he only offered to give him half a Pint of Wine, that his Mother lived in Ireland, and he had not been long from thence.

The Jury found him guilty of the Indictment.

[Punishments: pillory; transportation]



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