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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

28th February 1728
James Oviat
Theft - extortion divider

James Oviat, of St. Martin's in the Fields, was indicted for a Misdemeanor, by extorting Money from Rodolphus Blank , threatning at the same Time, that if he would not give him according to his Demands, he would swear Sodomy against him.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That the Prisoner came up to him in St. James's Park, and behaved himself very indecently, which he not approving of, left him, that the Prisoner dog'd him home, and very insolently demanded Money of him, saying, if he would not give it him, he would swear Sodomy against him;

and he fearing his Reputation might be call'd in Question, tho' he knew himself Innocent, he gave him a Guinea; but the Prisoner coming frequently to make his Demands, the Prosecutor chose rather to detect him in his Villany, than to be impos'd on any longer:

But the Prisoner having an uncommon Share of Impudence, upon the Prosecutor's denying him any more Money, he took out a Warrant, and brought a Person to represent a Constable, insolently demanding Satisfaction;

upon which the Prosecutor went along with him; but to the Mortification of this vile Bravado, he was soon taken into Custody himself and being committed to Newgate, he was very joyfully receiv'd by his old Acquaintances of that Place, who express'd a Surprize, that he had been so long from amongst them.

His Villany appearing very plain, the Jury found him guilty.

[Punishment: pillory; imprisonment; fine]



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