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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

16th January 1729
Henry Hambleton
Sexual Offences - sodomy divider

Henry Hambleton, of St. Dunstan's in the West, was indicted for that he not having the Fear of God before his Eyes, did on the 18th of October last, commit that wicked and detectable Sin of Sodomy on the Body of John Wynn, a Lad of 14 Years of Age, contrary to the Statute in that Case made and provided.

John Wynn being ask'd if he knew the Nature and Consequence of an Oath, said, if he did not speak Truth he should be d--n'd, he then depos'd,

That he being upon liking to one Mr. Ashton, a Peruke-Maker in Chancery-lane, to whom the Prisoner was a Servant, they lay together, and after his offering unseemly Actions for some Nights, he did on the 18th of October last at 10 or a 11 in the Night, while they were both in Bed, actually commit the Sin of Sodomy;

that the Day following he went from Mr. Ashton, and the Sunday Following he told how he had been us'd to one Katherine Cox a Servant to his Uncle, at which time he was very much disorder'd by the Violence he had suffer'd, Katherine Cox coroborated this part of the Evidence, adding that she saw John Wynn 's Shirt, which bore some Marks, which he told her was occasion'd by the Usage he met with from the Prisoner.

The Surgeon, who was sent for to look after John Wynn, depos'd,

That he found the Parts enrag'd, the Muscles extended, and a Caceration about the Anus, yet he could not discover any thing but what might possibly proceed from the Piles, or other natural Disorders.

The Prisoner after denying the Fact, said that John Wynn had a Boyl on his Fundament, which was the Cause of his Disorder, he then call'd several who gave him an extraordinary Character.

William Fearn depos'd,

That he was likewise upon liking with Mr. Ashton, and lay in the same Room with the Prisoner and Prosecutor, and that he did not hear the least Disturbance, nor did the Prosecutor make any Complaint in his hearing of any ill Usuage he receiv'd from the Prisoner,

the Jury acquitted him.

[Verdict: Not Guilty]

26th February 1729
Henry Hamilton
Sexual Offences - assault with sodomitical intent divider

Henry Hamilton, was indicted for assaulting John Wynn, with Intent to commit the heinous Sin of Sodomy with him, and found guilty.

[Punishment: fine; imprisonment; sureties]



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