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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

22nd May 1735
Henry Wolf
Sexual Offences - assault with sodomitical intent

50. Henry Wolf, was indicted for a Misdemeanor in assaulting John Holloway, with an intent to commit the detestable Sin of Sodomy, April 10.

John Holloway. I live at Mr. John Skipworth, a Brandy Merchant in Goswell Street, near Old Street. On Easter Thursday my Master sent me on an Errand into Bishop's-Gate Street. I met the Prisoner there and asked him for the Sign of the Helmet. He took me round the Wastes, and tickled me, and said, he was going that way, and would shew me.

But he asked me if I would not drink first. I was very dry, and went with him to an Ale House, the backside of Bishops Gate Street. We sat in a Publick Room, he on one side of a Narrow Drinking Table, and I on the other.

He put his Hand under the Table into my Breeches - The Maid happen'd to see what he was doing, and so he threw down his three Half Pence for a Pint of Beer, and bid me come along

Then he said, he'd go into a Bye Alley: so I went with him thro' the Jew's Synagogue, into a Bye Alley, where he did as before, but a Man coming by discovered us, and then we run away again, and he wanted me to go to another place, but I told him I could not stay.

As we were going along in my way home, he offer'd to give me a Pint of Wine, if I would not tell what he had done. I said I should have Anger for staying. In Bishop's Gate Church Yard, he bought me a Nosegay, and a Penny Custard.

Coming to Bedlam he perfectly pull'd and haul'd me into see the Mad-folks. There he took me into the House of Office, and pull'd down his own Breeches and mine, and - in his Mouth:

Then he carried me into the Booth, to see the Wild Beasts. When we came out, he said, he hop'd he should see me often. I told him I lived at the end of Old Street. He came by my Master's Door several times afterwards and spoke to me.

The last time was last Sunday, when he asked me where we should meet. I said at the New Church in Old Street. So he went, and I took three Lads with me, and went after him I soon found him, and he asked me to go into the Fields. We left the three Boys just by Sam Allen's, the Shepherd and Shepherdess, by the Pest-house Fields and went two or three Stones throw higher to some Hay Cocks by a Cow House;

where he let down his own Breeches and mine, and put his Breech in my Lap; but a Boy came up and disturbed us, and then these three Lads came up.

The Prisoner asked them if they had been catching Birds: They answered, No He bid me come along; they follow'd us into the Ivy House (an Ale House grown over with lvy) there we sat in an Arbour, and he call'd for a Pint of Ale and a Bun, and the three Lads call'd for a Pint.

They went into the Yard to see the Birds, and he I suppose had some mistrust of 'em, for he paid and went out directly, and then run as hard as he could. I ran after him, and the three Lads after me.

Coming to Hoxton a young Man asked what was the matter, we said there was a Sodomite. So the young Man catch'd him, and I went for a Constable, who carried him before Justice Chandler.

Court. Did you inform these three Boys of what the Prisoner had done to?

Holloway. Yes; and I carried them with me on purpose to take him.

Court. Are any of them here?

Holloway. No.

Court. Is the Maid at the Ale House here? or the Man at the lvy House?

Holloway No.

Prisoner. He told the Justice that he acquainted those Boys, with it, but when the Justice asked the Boys, they said they knew nothing of it.

Holloway. I told the Boys that I took out with me; but not the Boys that run with me.

Prisoner. You spoke of none but the three Boys that came out with you, for you said, they follow'd us to the Ivy House.

Charles Williams. I was one that took the Prisoner at the White Hart at Hoxton.

Court. Did he run?

Williams. No; he walk'd pretty fast, but Holloway. himself, could not say before the Justice that he run. Holloway was not always in the same Story about the three Boys, and they contradicted one another.

Several Witnesses deposed they had known the Prisoner twenty or thirty Years that he bore the Character of a very honest sober Man, and they never heard that he was guilty of any such Indecencies.

The Jury acquitted him.

[Verdict: Not Guilty]



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