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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

28th April 1742
William Nichols
Sexual Offences - sodomy

21. + William Nichols, was indicted for that he not having God before his Eyes, &c. on Thomas Waldron did make an Assault, and him did carnally know, and upon him, that detestable Crime call'd Buggery, did commit and do, against the Form of the Statute, &c . Oct. 28.

Thomas Waldron, aged 13. About the latter End of October last, the Prisoner and I lay in the same Bed in St. Martin's Work-House, and about two o'Clock in the Morning, when all the People were asleep, he used to give me Small-Beer and Bread, and then he, &c.

The Witness here gave a particular Account of the Prisoner's Behaviour, and being ask'd a Question which the Law in such Cases makes necessary, answer'd in the Negative.

James Robinson lay in the same Bed with Waldron and the Prisoner, and confirm'd some Part of the above Deposition.

Ann Waldron, the Boy's Mother, gave an Account of his Complaints; but there not being sufficient Evidence to convict the Prisoner upon this Indictment, he was acquitted, but was ordered by the Court to remain in order to be tried for the Assault.

[Verdict: Not Guilty]



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