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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court

13th July 1757
William Williams
Sexual Offences - sodomy divider

281. (M.) William Williams was indicted for making an assault on Thomas Smith, an infant about twelve years of age, and him, the said Thomas, did carnally know, by committing upon him that detestable crime call'd sodomy, &c. April 2.

There were only two witnesses examined, Mary Smith, the mother, and Margaret Stevenson, a neighbour.

The first deposed, the prisoner and child used to lie together in one bed in her house, the prisoner being a lodger there; her neighbour corroborated her in this, that the child made much complaint, and they examined his fundament, and found it disorder'd in an extreme bad way, but could say no more than what they heard the child say.

The child was examined as to the nature of an oath, but by its answers it appearing to have no knowledge of the consequence of false swearing, the prisoner was acquitted.

[Verdict: Not Guilty]



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