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Old Bailey Proceedings - Trial Accounts
London's Central Criminal Court


17th April 1776

Christopher Saunders

Sexual Offences - sodomy divider

338, 339. THOMAS JACKSON and THOMAS DAWSON were indicted, the first for assaulting and carnally knowing one Thomas Dawson, and that he feloniously, wickedly, diabolically, and against the order of nature did commit and perpetrate that abominable crime (not to be named amongst Christians) called buggery with him the said Thomas Dawson, against the statute; and Thomas Dawson for feloniously, wickedly, and diabolically consenting with the said Thomas Jackson carnally to know him the said Thomas Dawson, and to commit and perpetrate that abominable crime of buggery with him the said Thomas Dawson, against the statute, March 16th.


* I lay in Mr. Jackson's hay-loft.

* When?

* It was about eight o'clock.

* What is Mr. Jackson?

* Post-master at Staines.

* What is Dawson?

* His nephew.

* What employ is he in?

* He drove the mail.

* When you was in this hay-loft what did you hear?

* Mr. Jackson said to Dawson, come and give the horse some hay.

* How did you know it was Mr. Jackson?

* I know his voice very well.

* You have rode for him?

* Yes, once or twice; the boy went up in the loft to get some hay; he asked, which hay he should give the horse? Mr. Jackson said, he would come up and shew him; he went up, then they gave the horse a little hay; then they whispered together.

* Where was you all the while?

* In some hay; then they laid down for a quarter of an hour.

* Did you hear them say any thing?

* I heard Thomas Dawson say, you hurt me; Jackson said, lay still, I won't hurt you any more; they were at it a little while longer; then he said, you hurt me now; then he said, I will not hurt you any more.

* Did you hear them say any thing else?

* No; no farther than Jackson told him, he would have the post-office turned over to him if he would be a good boy; for he had money enough himself.

* Did you hear Jackson say any thing else?

* Yes, he bid him not to divulge one word that had passed between them; the boy said, No.

* Did Jackson say any thing else? Recollect,

* I don't recollect any thing else.

JURY. How came you to be in the hay-loft?

* I had been at work at another place; I went to Staines after my shirt; the woman was a bed; the boy told me I might go down and lie there.

* Which boy?

* Not Dawson, but another.

[Verdict: Not Guilty]

Tried by the First Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice BLACKSTONE.



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