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Transcript of the "Libel Trial" Prosecuted by Oscar Wilde
(April 3-5,1895)

Testimony of Sidney Wright, porter at the Albemarle Club (April 3, 1895)

Wright was examined by Wilde's attorney, Sir Edward Clark

Wright: I am hall porter at the Albemarle Club.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilde are members of the club.

On 18th February the Marquess of Queensberry handed me a card which has been produced. Before handing me the card Lord Queensberry wrote some words on it.  Lord Queensberry said he wished me to give that to Mr. Wilde.

I looked at the card but did not understand it. I made an entry on the back of it of the date and the time at which it was handed to me. I put it in an envelope which I addressed "Mr. Oscar Wilde." 

When Mr. Oscar Wilde came to the club, on 28th February, I handed it to him, saying that Lord Queensberry wished me to give it to Mr. Wilde.

Old Bailey - 1842

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