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The Criminal Trials of Oscar Wilde
Transcript Excerpts of the First Criminal Trial (April 26 to May 1, 1895)

Testimony of Jane Cotter

Cotter was examined by Horace Avery

Oscar WildeCotter: I am employed as a chambermaid in the Savoy Hotel. I remember Mr. Wilde staying at the hotel in March, 1893. At first he occupied No. 361 and Lord Douglas the room adjoining, No. 362. I found it necessary to call the attention of the housekeeper to the condition of Mr. Wilde's bed. The sheets were stained in a peculiar way. On the third morning of his stay, about eleven o'clock, Mr. Wilde rang the bell for the housemaid. On answering the bell I met Mr. Wilde in the doorway of No. 361, and he told me he wanted a fire in his own room, No. 362. There I saw a boy of eighteen or nineteen years of age with dark close-cropped hair and a sallow complexion. Some days later Lord Alfred Douglas left the hotel, and Mr. Wilde then removed into rooms in the front of the hotel.

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