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In our Lounge, we have the Counseling room, our Newspaper and several Scrapbooks with funny, curious, amusing, interesting content. The collection is gradually growing. Come back often and see what's new in this room...

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newspaper counseling jokes brokeback
In our Newspaper, you can find Andrej and Matt's opinions, and also interesting information, nice pieces of poetry or literature that we found here and there and that we like, and so on. Also take a look at the pages on "Coming Out" and "Safe Sex" At our Counseling Desk, if you have a question or need some advice, you can contact Andrej or Matt by sending an email or filling out the online form. We will answer you in these pages, posting your question anonymously along with our response. Promise! In the Jokes' Scrapbook, we collect the jokes that our good friends sent us from time to time and that we found amusing... They are mainly about the gay world, but not necessarily. We hope you will enjoy them, and if you have some good ones, please sent them to us... We gathered in this scrapbook all the images referring to the movie "Brokeback Mountain" we could find on the Net.

It is just a small tribute to a story and a movie we love.

gay symbols slang polari abc book
Here we collect all the (more or less) official GLTB symbols we can find along with their meanings and history. It is organized in 6 sections:
1. Gender Pride
2. Rainbow Flags
3. Pink Triangles
4. Leather, Bears, Trans
5. Miscellaneous
6. Awareness Ribbons
Here we have our dictionary of GLTB slang terms. It is more and more growing, as we receive more words and explanations by our readers... It is now one of the most comprehensive dictionaries on the Net! Some terms are no longer in use, but this is also an historical documentation. Polari/English - English/Polari Dictionary. It is quite difficult to make such a dictionary, as Polari was not a codified slang. But we think we put together one of the most complete Polari dictionaries on-line, and for sure the only one having also the English-Polari section. We are glad to offer here the complete album of Maurice Vellekoop's ABC BOOK - A Homoerotic Primer - a precious help to learn young men leraning the alphabet... and then, of course, practicing after the suggestions it gives...
lidbury donelan naked men alphabet perez
In this scrapbook we collect the paintings of Malcom Lidbury a painter we really like for the gentleness of his representation, also those representing the act of sexual love. Can his work defined X rated? We don't think so... In this Donelan's Album, we are collecting all the cartoons drawn by Gerard Donelan that we can find in the Net. Even though he is perhaps the most famous gay cartoonist, it is really difficult to find his cartoons. In this Album we have the complete set of the Naked Men Alphabet sent us by a friend. The work of a gay Israeli painter, Rafi Perez putting to test the boundaries between eroticism and art, while characterizing homosexual relationships and love as they are expressed in everyday life.
kokigami friends friends' shelf gayphabet
Kokigami is the Japanese art where your penis is wrapped in crumply paper and made to look like a dragon or a goose, or something else. In our Friend's Album, we collect some writings that our friends on the net sent us, prose or poetry, that we enjoyed, and that we would like very much to share with you. Please read and enjoy them. In questo nuovo scaffale stiamo raccogliendo i testi di racconti e romanzi in italiano gentilmente inviatici dai nostri amici.

(The texts are in Italian only...)

In the album Andrej's Gayphabet, we show you the Gay Alphabet (= Gayphabet) that Andrej drew in 1986. It was executed on extrastrong paper, using China inks and felt pen colours.
erotic erotic manphabet twigs alphabet
In this Album we have an Erotic Alphabet (gay, of course) that Andrej drew a few years ago using his Mac. We hope you will enjoy it... Here you can find a complete set of Tarots (also gay, of course) that Andrej made in 2006. We hope you will print it in a strong paper and use it... In the album Andrej's Manphabet, we show you another (Gay) Alphabet that Andrej drew in 2007. We hope you enjoy this new attempt by Andrej to be a "graphic artist"... In this Album we have six sets of a new Andrej's Gay Twigs Alphabet in the colors of the gay pride.
muybridge special friends Volker pinbacks
A collection of Muybridge's plates about Man's movements and animations derived by his pictures In this Album we have a collection of vintage pictures of Special Friends not necessarily gay, but showing a strong connection or affection. In this Album we have the complete set of Volker's alphabet of naked men, made in 3D graphics. A virtual collection of GLTB Pinbacks helping us to trace the GLTB movements history, also with humour

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