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In 1986 Andrej tried to draw a "gay alphabet"... after several attempt, here you have the result. The original drawings are
cm 18,5 x 13,5 (7" 1/3 x 5" 1/3) and are made using China ink
and felt pen colours. We hope you like this "gayphabet" and
will use it in your pages. If you do so, please be kind enough to make a link to our site, using one of the logos you can find at and send us an e-mail at

You can download all the Gayphabet size zipped file here zip

If you click on one of the following thumbnails, you'll get a bigger image of that letter.








GerMan HardTOP spent many, many hours to create a new alphabet from this gayphabet. While I show each of my letters on a framed plate, it was GerMan intention to have letters which one can use to build up a full name or even a whole sentence.

He had to re-size all letters in on order to insure a equal line, when one attach one letter to the other.

In addition, my letters were all of different colours, so GerMan converted the colours to a light brown, which fits best with the bodies on the letters. He also created the numbers (0, 1, 2, 3 . . . . 9) and additional symbols e. g. ! ? . , ; : - + * ( ) which were not included in my letters.

GerMan created three sets of the new alphabet in different sizes (large, medium and small). This enables you to choose the right size which fits best for your needs.

You can download the Small size zipped file here zip

the Medium size zipped file here zip

and the Large size zipped file here zip

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