(and tits and bra...)

babies; bahama mammas; balloons; barbettes; bawagos; bazongoes; bazookas; bazooms; bazoos; beamers; bee stings; bell peppers; big brown eyes; blinkers; bobambas; bodacious tatas; bombs; boob; boobies; boobs; bosom; bosooms; boulders; breasts; Bristols (English); brown suckies; bubatoes; bups; bust; busts;
Cadillac bumper bullets; cans; casabas; chest; chi chis; chuberteens; cones; cup cakes; cushions;
dairy section; dirty pillows; doorknobs;
eyes (as in "she has nice eyes");
floppers; fried eggs; fugis; fun bags;
gals (the -); gams; gazangas; gazongas; gedoinkers; girls; golden bazoos; golden winnebagoes; grenadoes; guys (the -);
headlights; healthy; highbeams; hinyackas; hogans; honkers; hoo hoo's; hooters; hounds;
jalobes; jelly doughnuts; jiggers; jobes; jubes; jubblies; jugs; jungle tits;
knobs; knockers; knock-outs;
love apples; love monkeys; love warts; luscious scoops of flesh; lung warts; lungs (as in "a good set of lungs");
mambas; mammary glands; mammas; mamme; mamms; massive mammaries; maracas; mazabas; melons; memories; milk cans; milk factories; milk wagons; mollies; mounds; mountains; marshmallows; Maguffies; Mcguffies; mosquito bites; mountains;
ninnies; nips; nupies;
over the shoulder boulder holder (a bra);
pair; peaches; penis squeezers; perkies; piggies; pillows; pimples; pink chewies; points; puppies;
set; shoes; smosabs; stacked; starter buttons;
tads; tatas; ta-tas; teats; tits; titties; titty boppers; torpedoes; towel racks; tubes; turkeys; twins;
wangers; watermelons; wazoos; whoppers; winnebagos;