and who does it

40; analinctus; analingus; anilingus; around the world; ass blow; asshole bandit;
bean queen; birdcage cleaner; bite the brown; blow some ass; bottom-sucker; brown nosing;
chocolate job; clean up the kitchen;
dato; deep tongue;
eat (it); eat jam; eat poundcake; eat somebody out;
going up mustard road;
kiss shit; kiss the star fish of love; kitchen cleaner; kitchen queen; KS;
lickety-split; lick somebody's anus;
play the piano;
ram job; ream; reaming; ream (somebody) out; rim; rim job; rimmer; rimming; Rimski; rim somebody;
sewer chewer; shove the tongue; sit on a face; smear somebody's tune; smear the tuna; snarf; soup-sipper; suck ass(hole); sugar bowl pie;
take a trip to the moon; tell a French joke; thirty-nine; till the soil; tongue-fuck; tongue in cheek it; tongue sandwich; tongue (somebody) out; tossed salad; toss the/a salad;
up dirt trail;
whitewash the back;