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Serifu samples

BUTA: The Pig
The happy Pig likes to root about in the soft earth with his pink nose.
Eager, expectant, watchful.
The Call: "Oink! Oink! How about a bit of juicy swill"
The Reply: "Here Piggy Wiggy! Lots of lovely warm slops just for you!"
The Play: Thrust the hips forward and up with short jerky movements while jumping quickly towards your partner. Make low, enticing grunts. If thwarted, jump back and emit a startled squeal.

RYU: The Dragon
The crafty Dragon likes to breathe his fire into the dark jeweled cave.
Ravaging, vengeful, sly.
The Call: "Where are my precious jewels? My treasures? My trophies? Are they hidden in your dark cave?"
The Reply: "Come on hot stuff! Careful the iron gates don't snap shut and sever your burning tongue!"
The Play: With arms outstretched and fingers curled like claws, move forward warily with the knees bent. The hips may be flicked about spasmodically accompanied by the low seductive roar of a raging furnace.

SAKANA: The Fish
The playful Fish likes to wriggle through the weeds and dart into crevices.
Fun-loving, alert, sleek.
The Call: "Hey little sea anemone, your tiny red tentacles can't catch me!"
The Reply: "Can't they just! Let's wait and see!"
The Play: With arms held out from the body to simulate fins, dart enticingly about in front of your partner making cheeky bubble sounds through protruding lips.

The flashing lights of the UFO dip and flicker around the nighttime sky.
Mysterious, shiny, exotic.
The Call: "Where are you little alien? Let me find you with my probe!"
The Reply: "Come on stranger! Let's just see about you invading me!"
The Play: Clasp your hands above your head, bounce seductively while bleeping and blinking your eyes and occasionally twirling.

UMA: The Horse
From: "KOKIGAMI - The Intimate Art of the Little Paper Costume"
By Heather Busch & Burton Silver, Ten Speed Press, 1990, PB
The Call: "Where are my oats? Where is my straw?"
The Reply: "... my stable door is open, ..."
The Play: ...You get the drift.


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