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copybook                 Malcolm, a leading gay equality and HIV campaigner throughout the 90's, now becoming known for his homoerotic painting and sculpture.

                In 1999, whilst in Cyprus, Malcolm began to paint again. A self taught artist and sculptor, Malcolm had previously had successful solo exhibitions of his bronze male figurative sculptures and male nude paintings and has a small, but growing following of collectors of his work.

                Today, Lidbury's art work is becoming international. Already with an established a place in British gay history for his gay equality and HIV work and now with the explosive growth of the internet and the ability to reach a more cosmopolitan audience world-wide, there will be greater interest and awareness of his highly collectable homoerotic art.

Malcolm Lidbury

                Lidbury's art has huge appeal to connoisseurs of the male form and reflects today's pride in contemporary gay men's lifestyle. Malcolm works from his studio at his home in a small former tin mining village in Cornwall.


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