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Matt & Andrej Koymasky
Created on           
December 7th, 1997


pointPage 1: Being Gay.

What does "being gay" mean for Andrej ?

He doesn't like labels, anyway... 

pointPage 2: Pornography.

When this site was in Geocities, Andrej had problems with "pornography." Nothing really serious, but this made him think...

pointPage 3 Do You Want to Lose Your Virginity?

Why not... but think  seriously about it before you decide.

pointPage 4: Coming Out

Some basic advice -- before you come out, be prepared...

pointAge of Consent Around the World

If you travel and like sex with very young people, beware...

Page 5: From Albania to Ireland

Page 6: From Israel to United Kingdom

Page 7: From U.S.A. (all the States) to Zimbabwe

pointHot, Safe Sex!

I've often found in my sex partners a lack of care or knowledge of safer sex. So I thought it would be useful to write something on this subject.
To make the text easier to read, I divided it in 5 pages:
Page 8:  1. Really Safe?  2. Techniques
Page 9: 3. Safer Sex Supplies
Page 10: 4.Materials
Page 11: 5.Use of Barriers
Page 12: 6.Safer Sex Chart   7. STD

pointPage 13 Questionnaire to a Straight Man

A. K. Maylon, Ph. D., devised a questionnaire, based on "heterophobic" premises, rather than homophobic ones...

pointPage 14 Tips for Straight Men

What to do, or not to do, when you meet a gay or bisexual person...

pointPage 15 Andrej, the Gelder

He is not so happy about that! Read to discover how Andrej became one...

pointPage 16 An Old "Gay" Nursery Rhyme

Did you know it? We love it...

pointPage 17 What Really Matters

A poem by an unknown high school student, about being Gay. Does it really matter?

pointPage 18 Leo Di Caprio's Lover?

I don't know whether it is true or not, but...

pointPage 19 The Handkerchief Code

It is not as widely used as before, but it is a piece of our history...

pointPage 20 FAQ about HIV and AIDS

This page is designed to make you too aware - it is a serious subject for everyone.

pointPage 21 Coptic Spell

For a man to obtain a male lover...
(Egypt, approximately the 6th century)

pointPage 22 Father's Eyes

We received this tale. It is not gay, but we loved it...

pointPage 23 Dear Dr. Laura...

We received and willingly publish this letter...

pointPage 24 Gay penguins

Read and try to say again that being gay is "unnatural"!

pointGay priests

Don't mix up pedophily with being gay...

Page 25: Gay priests? And what with that?

Page 26: Group opposes gay priests

Page 27: Issue rarely discussed

Page 28: Gays not excluded

pointPage 29 An hour of your time.

We received also this tale. It is not gay, but it's worth reading...

pointPage 30 Speaking Up for Each Other

a poem by Martin Niemoller

pointPage 31 A very strong and moving letter

by the mother of a gay boy

pointPage 32 Italy snaps over gay poster "excess"

a poster by Oliviero Toscani

pointPage 33 Sizing the criminals

or seizing their genitals? A shrewd stydy...

pointPage 34 London Male Brothels

at the beginning of last century

pointPage 35 Gay Boy Cigars

(just a Cigars' brand....)

pointPage 36 Not gay, just nudes

but historical

pointPage 37 Money, bills, and coins

(true and fake)

pointPage 38 Not gay, just a nude - 2

that Andrej likes

pointPage 39 A poem

as a Memorial

pointPage 40 USA Presidents

In honor of Barak Obama

pointPage 41 Homosexual behavior in animals

"Do it like the birds, the bees and the butterflies do..."

pointPage 42 Prehistoric gay man?

An interesting founding near Praha

pointPage 43 Interview to Andrej

published by Culture gay (in French)

pointPage 44 Pompeii's Lovers

They were two joung men

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