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Matt & Andrej Koymasky
Published on           
December 7th
, 1997

Being Gay


Well, being gay... To me, it just happened, the same way that I'm Italian, or male, or with brown hair or green-hazelnut eyes. It was not my choice. I'm just this way. Therefore, being gay is something I'm neither ashamed of nor proud of, but I'm happy about it.

Some of us, in order to balance all the negative things they received from a larger part of the society, tend to say "yes, we are different, but we are better."

Well, of course I agree with the first part, I'm different -- just show me two people that are not different in one way or another! Even two "identical" twins, if you really get to know them, you will know they are different. So, I'm very happy to be different from everybody! I'm... just ME!

But for the second part, I don't think I'm better just because I'm gay.

The same is true that nobody is better just because he (or she) is "straight" (or of one ethnicity or nationality instead of another).
But being gay (although I don't like labels) constrains me to a difficult life because of the bigotry and prejudice (and hence stupidity) of a lot of people around me.

Yes, that's true. But my life is also difficult because of a lot of other things -- physical handicap, stupidity of my boss, and so on... But I've discovered that such limits in my life have the power to help me to understand others better, so I accept those limits, and at the same time, I try to surpass them.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Completely or in part? Let me know...


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