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December 28th, 2006

Legal Age Of Sexual Consent - 1

This is not an official guide. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information contained herein. Please send us any corrections that are needed as well as the source or site where the corrections can be verified.

Argentinameans that you can read the accompanying notes at the source site
14 / 18means that there is documentation to show that the age is 18, but also particular reasons for continuing to show 14 on the age chart, for instance, the sexual activity is legal at the lower age unless the younger person subsequently complains, or else, like in Canada, the age of consent for non-anal intercourse and for people in a position of non-authority over a person is 14. If there is anal intercourse involved, or if one is in aposition of authority, then it is 18.
16means that there is documentation confirming that the age is the number shown in red
16means that we do not have any documentation but that there are good reasons to believe this is the age
16?means this information is obtained through unofficial emails or other sources.
illegalmeans that this is illegal regardless of age
invalidatedmeans that the law was struck down by a court of law, making the law "null and void". It does not mean that the law was removed from the books or repealed by the legislators of the state
repealedmeans that the law was removed and changed by the legislators of the state. It is the most unusual of the cases, because it is rare that any legislator wants to author a motion to remove a current law. Historically, state law books are ripe with old laws that have no meaning, but no one has the courage to open the motion to remove the law

Some Definitions:
AdolescenceAdolescence starts with the beginning of physiologically normal puberty and it finishes when the identity and behavior of an adult are accepted. This period of development generally corresponds to the period going on the 10th to the 19th year. (Committee of the medicine of Adolescence).
Age of ConsentThe arbitrary age, assigned by legislators, that define the legal time at which a person may consent voluntarily to sexual activity with another person. The age shown in the chart is the age at which one person may legally consent to sexual intercourse with another person who is at least that age or older, provided that there are no ties between them (ie: one is not in a position of trust or responsibility over the other).
IntercourseIntercourse in the various laws is referred to many different things. One question we were asked often was "is oral sex considered the same as intercourse as it applies to age of consent issues". We have begun obtaining more definitions from the various states and have found that oral sex does in fact provide the same penalty.

Tennessee for instance, defines their law as "sexual penetration" of a minor. They define "Sexual penetration" [as] sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, or any other intrusion, however slight, of any part of a person's body or of any object into the genital or anal openings of the victim's, the defendant's, or any other person's body, but emission of semen is not required.

This clearly means (at least in this example) that the age of consent laws do apply to oral sex as well.

Age Of Consent

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This list starts here, and goes from Albania to Ireland

It continues on page page 6, going from Israel to United Kingdom

And it continues further on page page 7, going from U.S.A. to Zimbabwe

Countryworld M-F
Albania 14 14/18? 14
Algeria 16 illegal illegal
Andorra 16 16 16
Antiqua (Barbuda) 16 18 16
Argentina 12/15/16 12/15/16 12/15/16
Armenia 16 illegal ?
Aruba 16 16 16
Australia ACT 16 16 16
NSW 16 16 16
NT 16 18 no laws
Queensland 16 18 no laws
SA 17 17 17
Tasmania 17 17 17
Victoria 16 16 16
WA 16 16 16
Austria 16 16 16
Bahamas 16 18 18
illegal illegal
illegal illegal
Belarus 16/18 16 16
Belgium 16 16 16
Belize 16 legal? legal?
Brazil 14/18 14/18 14/18
Brunei 14/16 illegal illegal
Bulgaria 14/15 14/18 14/18
Cambodia (Kampuchea) 15/16 ? ?
Canada 14 14 14
Cape Verde
Chile 12 18 18
China 14 ? ?
China - Hong Kong 16 21 ?
Colombia 12/14 14 14
Costa Rica 15/16 15 illegal ? 15 illegal ?
Cote d'Ivoire 15

Croatia 14 14/18 14/18
Cuba 16 16 16
Cyprus 17 17 17
Czech Republic 15 15 15
Denmark 15 15 15
Dominica 16 ? ?
Dominican Republic 18 18 18
Dutch Antilles 16 16 16
Egypt 18 18 illegal? 18 illegal?
El Salvador 16 ? ?
Estonia 14 16? 16?
Ethiopia 15

Finland 16 18 18
France 15 15 15
Gabon 15 15 15
Germany 14/16 14/16 14/16
Greece 15/17 17 15/17
Grenada 17 illegal illegal
Guam 16

Guadeloupe 15 15 15
Guyana 16 illegal illegal
Haiti 18 18 18
Honduras 14/17 14 14
Hong Kong 16 f/18 m 21 ?
Hungary 14 18 18
Iceland 14 14 14
India 16 illegal illegal
Indonesia 17 no laws no laws
Iran 15f/18m illegal illegal
Iraq 18 ? ?
Ireland 17 17 17
This list continues on page page 6, going from Israel to United Kingdom

And then continues on page page 7, going from U.S.A. to Zimbabwe

If your country isn't listed or the legal age has changed please email us EMAIL ME
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