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January 31st, 1998

Safer Sex 4

5. The Use of Barriers

5.1. Instructions for Condom Use

  • Store your condoms in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.
  • Don't contact the mouth, penis or anus of your partner until a condom has been applied.
  • Remove the condom from the package carefully, and note which direction is "up" (discard the condom and put on another if you try to put it on upside down; the condom should be unrolled with the tube of latex emerging from the inside of the ring at the base). Don't unroll the condom before putting it on.
  • Before unrolling the condom, you can put a small drop of lube inside the tip of it to increase sensation.
  • Put the condom on after you have a full erection and prior to sexual contact.
  • If you're uncircumcised, pull your foreskin back.
  • Put the condom on the head of the penis and unroll it to the base, holding the top half-inch (or receptacle tip) of the condom between your fingers as you do so. This keeps out air bubbles, and helps the condom operate properly. It should leave a reserve space at the top end when the condom is entirely rolled down. If condom rolls up during sex unroll it immediately. If condom comes off completely, then another should be used before continuing.
  • Be sure to roll the condom all the way down, then give the whole length of the condom a good squeeze to help it stay on.
  • When using a lubricant, use only water-based lubricants. Oil based lubricants can damage the condom. Apply the lube to the outside of the condom (except for fellatio).
  • Check the condom periodically during sex, don't penetrate past the base of the condom, and reapply the lube whenever necessary (especially when you feel the condom start to get hot).
  • After ejaculation, carefully withdraw the penis while it is still erect, holding onto the rim of condom as you withdraw so that it does no slip off. Keep penis and condom clear from contact with partner's body, and discard it in such a way that someone will not be exposed to it later. Discard the used condom hygienically, not down the toilet.
  • Do not reuse a condom under any circumstances.
  • Never use a condom if the package is opened or if material is sticky or brittle or obviously damaged in any way.

5.2. Selecting Condoms

Try a variety of condoms to find the brand that works for you. Often, some brands provide a better fit than others, and a good fit is important to the optimal operation of the condom.

Keep in mind the following:

  • For anal sex, you should be adding lube from your bottle to the outside of the condom. Thus, whether the condom is pre-lubed is not important if you have lube of your own.
  • Uncircumcised men may find contoured condoms more comfortable, and circumcised men may find form-fit condoms more comfortable.
  • For use on penises, select a condom with a reservoir tip. For use on dildos or cylindrical vibrators, you may select a condom with a plain (non-reservoir) tip if you wish.
  • Lambskin condoms are ineffective in preventing HIV transmission, and should be avoided.
  • For fellatio, be sure you are using a condom without N-9. You don't need to add lube outside of the condom, obviously, but feel free to put some inside - perhaps a little more than usual.

5.3. Caring for Condoms

Throw them away if they're past the expiration date or four years past the manufacturing (MFG) date. Don't let them get punctured, or get exposed to temperatures outside their specified range (in particular, don't keep latex condoms in your wallet, in a glove compartment where they can overheat, or in the same pocket of a bag where safety pins or keys are kept). Be aware that it is possible to damage a condom during use by scraping it with fingernails, jewelry, or teeth. Open condom packages carefully, by tearing the package vertically with your fingers at a corner. Don't try to test condoms yourself before use by unrolling them, filling them with water, or inflating them. This will only weaken them.

To eroticize condoms (or gloves, for that matter), masturbate with them. If you really want to get used to the sensation of barriers, consider masturbating while wearing a condom, and using lube and a glove on the active hand. Select your favorite pornography, or pornography you suspect you are going to like, for this important process.

When you've found your favorite brand of condom, practice with it. Practice taking it out of the package without tearing it and practice putting it on (thinking about your favorite act of sex as you do so).

Options are also to use flavored condoms, and a flavored water-based lube, or to dip the material in something tasty (and fat free, in the case of latex barriers...)

5.4.How to Wear A Condom

first step

1. Open the packet carefully so that you don't damage the condom. Don't test the condom by unrolling, inflating or stretching it.
second step

2. Pinch the teat or the last 1cm length at the tip of the condom to expel any air.

3. Hold the condom over the tip of the penis, and with your other hand, unroll it down to the base of the penis.

last step

4. After ejaculating, hold the condom firmly around the penis while withdrawing it to prevent spilling of semen.

Use a new condom if you want to have more sex after ejaculating...

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