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Safer Sex 5

6. The Safer Sex Safety Chart

Handnonenoneglovecondom or glove
Mouthnonenoneoral barriercondom
Anusgloveoral barrier/condom
Peniscondom or glovecondomcondomcondom

There is definitely a hierarchy of risk. When barriers are not being used, evidence suggests that anal intercourse is the riskiest, followed (in decreasing order of estimated risk), fellatio/analingus, and finally manual anal/penile manipulation/penetration. Ejaculation, and the presence of small cuts in the skin can further increase the risk for some activities. It should be noted that, if the skin is unbroken and healthy and no cum or pre-cum is present, manual/oral contact with the shaft of the penis (avoiding the head and urethra) is no different from manual/oral contact with any other area of unbroken and healthy skin.

Sex toys which are applied to the head of the penis, or which are used to penetrate the anus, should be protected with some sort of barrier as well, so they may be kept clean and used easily and safely with a variety of people. Condoms work well for anal dildos as well as for vibrators.

7. Common STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

7.1. Curable

Note: Although these are "curable", they may cause damage if they go untreated for lengths of time.

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis

7.2. Incurable

Note: Although these are, for now, "incurable", medications are available which may ease some of the symptoms.

  • HPV
  • Herpes
  • Hepatitis-B
  • HIV
Do your best to: red ribbon
  • 1) avoid them!

  • 2) not transmit them!

aids is not to be spread
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