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October 11th, 1999

Tips for Heterosexuals

What to do, or not to do, when you meet a Gay or Bisexual person


  • Do not run screaming from the room. This is very rude.
  • If you must back away, do so, but slowly and with discretion.
  • Do not assume that he is attracted to you.
  • Do not assume that he is not attracted to you.
  • Do not assume that you are not attracted to him.
  • Do not expect him to be excited about meeting a straight person, as you may be about meeting a gay or bisexual person.
  • Do not invite him to some place where there will only be straight people, unless you tell him in advance. He may not want to be with them.
  • Do not immediately start talking about your significant other half in order to make it clear that you are straight. He probably already perfectly knows.
  • Do not ask him how he got this way. Instead, ask how you got that way.
  • Do not assume he is dying to talk about being gay or bisexual.
  • Do not expect him to refrain from talking about being gay or bisexual.
  • Do not ask him what the hell he can do with a person his same gender. If you really are curious, just try.
  • Do not trivialize his experience by assuming it is a bedroom experience only; he is gay or bisexual twenty-four hours a day.
  • Do not assume his heart will leap with joy if you touch his arm (condescendingly? flirtatiously? power testing?). It may make him angry.
  • Do not assume because he is gay or bisexual that he wants to be treated like the opposite sex. He will probably get angry.
  • Think twice before you attempt to tell him that he is taking the easy way out.
  • Do not expect a gay or bisexual person to accept the straight world simply because it is in the majority.
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