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November 5th, 1999

Andrej, the Gelder!



One day, I decided to add some albums with pictures of nice young men to this virtual home, for the enjoyment of my visitors.

And I was immediately faced with the problem of censure from Geocities... I signed an agreement with them, in which I said I would not show genitals or sex acts on my site. Since I signed it, I have to comply...

Sometimes when I browse the Net, I may find nice pictures and I would save for my pleasure. When I collect those pictures, I always carefully examine each one, discarding those that are too small or of a bad quality, and those portraying men I don't like. I also don't save the pictures where you can't see the face of at least one of the people portrayed. A faceless picture doesn't appeal to me. I want to see the expression, I want to look at the person, not just his genitals. To me, the face is the mirror of a person's soul, even in this kind of pictures.

And never pictures portraying just a cock which are sometimes titled "Me"! Does it mean that the portrayed man is just a dick-head? How can you say "me" while only showing a picture of your cock? This really puzzles me a lot... You can say "me" while showing just your face, but would you take, for instance, a picture of your hand, or foot, or knee and title it "Me"?

Well. So now you have some idea what kind of pictures do or do not enter my private collection, especially if you also read my stories.

I like nudes (when the cock is not portrayed too big compared to the rest of the picture) and I like scenes of sex, especially when you can feel in them affection, tenderness, pleasure, perhaps lust, but not violence. I don't like sado-maso, water sports, fist fucking pictures or the likes. In spite of that, I realized that a large portion of the pictures in my archive would not be allowed by Geocities on a site using their services. What shall I do?

So, I became a "gelder", trimming all the pictures that showed a man's genitals. Sometimes doing it was painless, but some times I was really sorry to have to cut away the model's dick... I mean, the picture was beautiful with it. For instance, a nice dick, peeping out from under a T-shirt, with no pants or underwear, could be arousing, pleasurable, beautiful. But cutting away the lower part, what you obtain is just a torso with a T shirt... nothing more... absolutely uninteresting.

But I had to geld them... for the sake of the Puritanism of the so called "right-minded" majority.

Just to let you see what I mean about this kind of people, when I first opened my virtual home on the Net, on the Index page, I had a picture of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" fresco, the one painted in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Well, I was soon, kindly but firmly, invited to remove that image, since Adam's little pee-wee was visible! The Pope (everybody knows he is not at all tender about the so called "sexual morality") is not at all scandalized by that painting, but it seems that the majority of the people in the States (or at least the people of Geocities and Linkexchange) are!

So, with real regret, I became a "gelder," for the sake of peace.

Now I am on a new server, but after that experience, I don't feel like to risk having my work censored again, so I will continue to geld my models' pictures... I just put the "Creation of Adam" on the Home page of this site. I hope you liked it.


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