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January 11th, 1999

Leo Di Caprio Loves a Man?

I received this email:

Hi Andrej,
Leo have a lover in Germany, the Name is Kevin B. Parker and he is a popstar !
Kevin has his Home-Page at

I don't know whether it is true or not, but ... Of course, in Kevin's home page, there is nothing about this, other than the fact that he loves Leo's movies... but who doesn't? Isn't it our dream that Leo is Gay? And perhaps also to be his lover? Well, it is my dream, anyway...

Kevin Parker
Kevin B. Parker

Leo and Kevin

Kevin B. Parker and Titanic Star Leonardo Di Caprio

Rumors about Leonardo Di Caprio and Kevin B. Parker doesn't seem to end.

After press published several articles about them, both of them meet each other over and over again. Fans of Leonardo are going crazy: Is it true? Nobody really wants to believe it, but reality proves it.

After the friendship between them became known to the public, both of them hide more and more. Witnesses reported to have seen Leonardo and Kevin in Thailand where Leonardo currently works at his new movie "The Beach." Leo and Kevin have taken a walk on the beach, at least this is what witnesses say.

Popstar Kevin B. Parker currently creates his new CD, according to his manager Frank Dries. "Kevin works under enormous pressure, the CD has to be finished in February. There's not much time left for a holiday trip." Frank Dries did not want give any statements regarding the rumors: "Kevin's personal life is none of my business. Leonardo Di Caprio is a great actor and Kevin is a good singer, that's all I have to say about that," said Frank Dries, employee of Poppy Management. In the USA, the only statement regarding that case is "No Comment", so hope is the only thing left for the fans of Leonardo Di Caprio.

This is from a magazine. But, what hope? The hope that they are lovers, and gay, or the hope that they aren't and that our Leo is not gay? Is that so important? Personally, I think that his private life must remain private. And I wish Leo to have a wonderful lover, be a he or a she! And let him have a close friendship with someone, without having to worry about people gossiping about it!


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