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Ac to Aunt B to Beak
AC/DC noun a couple

adj. bisexual

acqua noun water
Italian acqua = water

acting dickey noun temporary work

affair(e) noun sexual relationship
Occitan affaire = to do

ajax prep. nearby, next to, near
English - truncated? adjacent

alamo interj. I'm hot for you/him!
English acronym LMO = Lick Me Out

almond rocks n. pl. socks
Cockney, ryming

and no flies! interj. honestly! that's the truth!

antique HP noun old gay man
HP is the acr. of homee palone (see) = gay man

aqua noun water
Lingua Franca akwa = water

aris noun buttocks; arse
Cockney Rhyming Slang -> Parlyaree = ass
ass -> bottle and glass -> bottle -> Aristotle -> aris

arthur v. int. to masturbate
rhyming slang Arthur Rank = wank

arva noun sexual intercourse

v. int. to have sex
trunc. Parlyaree charva = a fuck; to fuck

aspra noun female prostitute
made feminine with the final "a" as in Italian & Spanish
Lingua Franca aspro = money
or English crasis as[s] + pro[stitute]

aspro noun male prostitute
Lingua Franca aspro = money
or English crasis as[s] + pro[stitute]

auntie noun old gay man

aunt nell verb to listen
aunt nell! imper. be quiet! or listen to me!
used also as exclamation at something shocking

aunt nells noun pl. ears

aunt nelly fakes n. pl earrings
also used by a male, a sailor

B-flat omee noun fat man

back slum noun back room, dark room
Originally a gambling den, then a place for anonymous sex

badge cove noun pensioner, old man
Cantabrigian a college pensioner

baga(d)ga noun male genitals
Lingua Franca bagatge = baggage
Genoan-Italian bagaggio = baggage

balonie/balony noun rubbish (spoken)
Genoan-Italian balon = fib, lie, tall story

barclays v. int. to masturbate
rhyming - Barklays Bank - wank

noun sailor
Italian barcaiolo = sailor

barnet noun hair

noun head, brain
Cockney rhyming - Barnet Fair - Hair
Barnet Fair - a large horse fair in Hertfordshire, now part of Greater London

barney noun a row, a fight

basket noun the bulge of male genitals through clothes

bat(t), bate noun shoe, foot

verb shuffle or dance on-stage
Occitan sabata = shoe

batter noun prostitution
Italian - battere = walk the streets (of a prostitute)

battery verb to beat, knock down, strike
Italian - battere = to beat, hit, strike, knock

battery carsey verb to knock at a door

battyfang verb to hit and bite, to fight
compund vord from battery = to hit + fangs = teeth

beak noun a judge
Peddlar's French bécan = chatterbox

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