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Dacha to Dizzy Do to Dyke
dacha adj. ten
Parlyaree <- Italian dieci = ten

daiture adj. ten
Parlyaree <- Italian dieci = ten

deger adj. ten
Parlyaree <- Italian dieci = ten

daffy adj. drunk on gin
Daffy's Elixir was a medicine syrup given to kids, to which men often added gin

dally adj. sweet, kind
Italian dolce = sweet

dash verb to leave quickly

deaner noun a shilling
Italian denaro = money

deek verb to see, look at, obsere

de(e)ner noun a shilling
Persian dinar = coin

delph noun teeth

dewey adj. two
Italian due = two

dhobie/dohbie verb to wash

noun washing
Nautical slang <- Hindi dhobi = (indian) washerman

diddle(y) noun gin

diddle cove noun keeper of gin/spirit shop

Dilly, the - noun Piccadilly Circus
in central London, known as pick-up place for sailor-prostitutes

dilly boy noun male prostitute

dina(r)ly noun money, cash
Persian dinar = coin

dinero noun money, cash
Spanish dinero = money

dish noun anus, buttocks

noun attractive man

dish the dirt verb to gossip, to talk maliciously

dizzy adj. scatterbrained

do a turn verb to have sex
Italian sentence - "fare un giro" = do a turn = to try once sex with

do the rights verb to seek or get revenge

dog and bone noun the telephone
Cockney rhyming dog and bone - telephone

dolly adj. pretty, nice, pleasant, dear, lovely

noun smart and attractive youth
Italian endearment dolce = sweet (person)

dona(h)/don(n)er noun woman, lady, landlady
Italian donna = woman

dooe(y) adj. two
Italian due = two

doob noun a pill

dorcas noun one who cares
term of endearment - In 19th cent. the Dorcas Society was a ladies' church society making clothes for the poor

dosh noun money

dowry pron. a lot
probably Italian dare = to give

drag noun clothing
clothes usually worn by opposite sex of wearer

drag up verb to wear women's clothes

drage noun to pull with force

drear adj. dreary

noun dreary person

v. int. to behave drearily

drogle noun a dress

dubes noun pills, doope

duchess noun rich or important gay man

duckie/ducky noun darling

duey adj. two
Italian due = two

dyke noun lesbian
English - 19th cent. dyke = male clothing


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