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Saltee to Sharping Sheesh to Swishing
saltee, salter, salty, saulty noun one penny
Italian soldo = 5 centimes -> soldi = money

savvy verb to know, understand
Spanish - sabe = he knows; Portuguese - sabir = to know; Sicilian-Italian savi = he knows - "Savvy?" means "do you understand?"

sa(y) adj. six
Italian sei = six

say dooe adj. eight
Parlyaree <- Italian sei = six + due = two = eight

say oney adj. seven
Parlyaree <- Italian sei = six + uno = one = seven

say tray adj. nine
Parlyaree <- Italian sei = six + tre = three = nine

scapali, scapaly verb to run away, run off, escape
Italian scappa lì = run off there

scarper, scarpy verb to run away, run off, escape
Italian scappare = to run away, escape

schinwhars adj. Chinese (man)
French chinois = Chinese

schonk verb to hit

schvartza adj. black (people)
Yiddish (derogatory) schvartza homie = black man - schvartza palone = black woman

scotch verb to deny a rumor

noun a leg

screaming adj. loud effeminate mannerism

screech noun mouth, throat, face

screeve verb to write

noun written material
Parlyaree <- Italian scrivere = to write

seafood noun sexually available (gay) sailor

sea queen noun gay sailor, or man seking sailors

send up verb to make fun of

setter adj. seven
Italian sette = seven

sharda interj. what a pity!

sharp(er), sharpy noun policeman
Italian cercare = to search

sharping omee noun policeman

sheesh adj. showy, affected, fussy
French chichi = mannered

shietel, shyker, shyckle noun a wig
Yiddish shaitl, sheytel = crown of the head, parting

shush verb to steal (from a client)

shush bag noun holdall, handbag

sister noun a close friend

slang verb to perform on stage

slanging tree noun stage, rostrum

slap noun make-up

sling-backs noun high heels

smash(er) noun attractive man

smellies noun perfume

soldi noun money
Italian - soldi = money

solicit verb to hustle while in drag

stampers, stompers n. pl. shoes, dancing shoes

starter noun lubricant for anal sex

steamer noun prostitute's client, top man

stiff noun paper, forged note

stimp covers n. pl. nylon stockings

stimps n. pl. legs

stretcher case adj. exhausted

strides noun trousers

strill noun musical instrument, a piano, a violin
Italian - strillare = cry out, shriek - and trillo = trill

striller noun piano key

strillers omie noun pianist

strish noun performance

strollers noun piano

sweat chovey noun a weight room, a gym

sweet adj. good

sweet & dry (martini) adj. left and right (hands)

swishing vbl. n. camp acting, flamboyant


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