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13 y.o.
Also spelled Mongkhol Boonpiam or Mongkhon Bunpeiyem and Mongkol Boon-aium


He moved from Myanmar to Thailand with his mother and is on the same volleyball team as Adul. He is one of the stateless boys. Mark was the first boy to be taken out of the cave. He has been described by his teacher as a "very respectful and good child."

He is not a full member of the Wild Boars squad and when he was chosen for training "could not stop talking about it" according to his friends. He is a grade-seven student at Ban Pa Muat School. He loves to study almost as much as he likes football.

Thailand's sports daily Siamsport reported that Mark has been playing football since he was in kindergarten and loves the sport so much that he almost always wears a football shirt. His favourite team is Muangthong United, the leading team in the Thai Premier League. He also enjoys swimming and cycling.


From Mark to his mother
"Mum, are you well at home? I am fine. Please tell my teacher as well. I love you, Nam Hom."

From Mark's mother Nam Hom To Mark
"Dear Mark,
Now that mommy is waiting for you in front of the cave. I miss you, and please don't feel bad. (Mother Hom) loves you a lot, and please take good care of yourself."


Fotos from: Thai Cave Rescue, Thai Rath & Facebook: Ekatol

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