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14 y.o.
Also spelled Panumat Sangadee or Phanumart Saengdee and nickname is also spelled Mig or Mix.


Mick celebrated his 14th birthday in the cave. He lives with his extended family and is known for having strength and agility beyond his years.

Mick has been described as an ideal defender because of his fitness and fluid movement. However, his coaches have recently considered playing him as a striker because he is strong in the air and skilful with his head. He is said to play as well as a 15-year-old.

Mick attends Mae Sai Prasitsart School, where fellow classmates prayed at morning assembly every day for their rescue.


From Mick to his family
"Don't worry, I miss you all - grandpa, aunty, dad, mum and nong [his brother or sister]. I love you all. I am happy, the Navy SEAL brothers are taking care of us very, very well. Love you all."

From Pong's Mother To Pong
Dear Nong Mick
Grandfather Lek wish that Coach Aek can become healthy soon, and would like to ask every children to stay strong, and Grandfather Lek is waiting at the cave's entrance.
Grandfather Lek hopes that Mick gets really healthy and Mick must not be afraid of anyone's condemning him.
Grandfather Lek is never angry at you. Grandfather Lek loves Mick, always.
Grandfather Lek.

(Grandfather Lek couldn't write properly, so P'Nueang wrote on his behalf)


Fotos from: Thai Cave Rescue, Thai Rath & Facebook: Ekatol

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