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17 y.o.

Also spelled Sompeangjai, or Pirapat Som-Piengjaiand the nickname Knight.


Peerapat turned 17 on the day the group went missing, June 23. It was Peerapat's birthday the group were celebrating when they entered the cave.
On Sunday, his 18-year-old sister Phanphatsa told CNN she promised to make her brother another birthday cake -- and all his favorite foods -- on his safe return.
She added that their parents had slept at the cave every night since he went missing.

Night plays on the right wing and turned 16 on the day the boys were lost. According to local reports, the team went to the cave to celebrate Night's birthday and the snacks they took with them helped sustain them for the week before they were found. Night's great-uncle Duangkam Puangmalai said the family are also keen cyclists and Night and his father have both won medals for cycling and football.

His parents have held a vigil at the cave since his disappearance and say they are still waiting to hold his birthday party.


From Night to his family
"I love you, mum and dad, please don't worry about me. I love you all."

From Night Mom
"Dear Knight,
Dad and mom is waiting to arrange for your birthday party. Please get out soon, and stay healthy. Mommy knows that you can do it. And you must not be over worried about it. Daddy and Mommy, as well as grandfather, grandmother, and every relatives are supporting you, always. Daddy and mommy love you so much.
Father Boon, Mother O"


Fotos from: Thai Cave Rescue, Thai Rath & Facebook: Ekatol

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