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15 y.o.

The eighth-grade student at Mae Sai Prasitsart School had his 15th birthday on July 1 while trapped inside the cave. the day before they were discovered.
He is said to be a high achiever at school who works at his family's car garage when he wants money to buy new football gear.
He occasionally plays in goal when he is not in midfield. He has been playing football for two years. A sports fan, he supports the Thai Premier League's Chiang Rai United football club.

His aunt, Salisa Promjak, told CNN ahead of the rescue, "It's like I'm counting every second. I want to see his face... I am so happy."
The boy's grandmother, Kiawkham Chantaphoon, added, "Grandma loves you the most in the whole world. I miss you dearly... it's like a miracle," she said.


From Note to his parents
""I am safe, please don't worry, I'm very healthy and fine. I love you mum, dad and everyone. ❤""

From Note's parents
To Dear Note
Father and mother are waiting
Take good care of yourself
Father Neugn and Mother Dao miss you a lot
Please tell Coach Eak to not be over worried
Mother is not angry at him
Rattanadao Chantapoon

[The letter is written in the form of a poem]


Fotos from: Thai Cave Rescue, Thai Rath, Facebook: Ekatol & Peter Summers

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