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11 y.o.
Also spelled Chaninits Wiboonrungruang and nick Titun


Titan is the youngest Wild Boars Team player and started playing football as a forward at age seven before joining the Wild Boars three years ago. He was a member of his school's sports club before being asked to join the Wild Boars where he plays in forward.

His father told he last spent time with his son watching a World Cup game on television before his son and the team became stranded in the cave. He is nicknamed Titan because of his strength. He wrote to his parents, saying: "Dad, mum, don't worry about me, I'm fine. Prepare me fried chicken to eat."

Titan is in his final year at Anubanmaesai primary school in Mae Sai.


From Titan to his parents
"Mum and dad, don't worry about me please, I am fine. Please tell P'Yod, get ready to take me to fried chicken. Love you all"

The boy's father, Tanawat Viboon-rungrueng, explained that his son was referring to a promise made to the boy by his aunt P'Yod go to the local KFC.

From Titan's mom To Titan
Titan, I've been waiting for you in front of the cave. I love you and miss you so much. Be patient. I cheer you up! Be strong. I wait for you in front of the cave. You must make it! I believe in you. You can make it. I'm giving you moral support all the time. Love you so much. Your dad also misses you and loves so much. (Love you)

Be strong. I love you. I'm caring about you. I'm cheering you up! I'm waiting for you in front of the cave. Bring all the boys and Ake.


Fotos from: Thai Cave Rescue, Thai Rath & Facebook: Ekatol

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