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2.1 - Matrimonial Credits

Under this system, interest-free loans were granted, with a 25% remission for the birth of each child. A mother producing Gruber's four-children ideal did not have to pay back any of the loan. By 1935, 650 million Reich Marks had been distributed to one million mothers.

Prostitution, though technically illegal, was tolerated because it increased the population and was believed to counteract homosexuality. In decrees issued on September 9, 1939, and on March 16, 1940, medically-supervised brothels were officially set up on the front for the use of Himmler's unmarried SS men. In 1943, 600 women from Paris, Poland, Bohemia and Moravia were recruited to supply 60 brothels, each of which served 50 clients a day. Some were used for biological experimentation: in the Klosterstrasse brothel in Stuttgart, for example, the women wore special sheathes to collect their partner's semen, which was then gathered for tests to devise a plasma substitute. (Bizarre but true.)

These brothels were supplemented by the Nazi stud-farms, called "Founts of Life" - huge child-producing factories for the elite, of which there were 13 in 1944.

The women's movement was of course crushed as completely as was the gay movement. More precisely, it was perverted. "Reich Mother-in- Chief" Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, head of the Women's Association, declared: "The German woman must be such that she does, and does gladly, all that is required of her." And Frau Siber of the Ministry of the Interior declared: "In woman's womb reposes the people's future, and in her soul the heart of the nation." Women became factory workers and/or a procreatrixes while they listened to propaganda about obedience and devotion.

The Nazis believed so strongly in the myth of the "mother instinct" in all women that lesbians - although treated with contempt - were not outlawed or sent to the camps. Lesbians would, they believed, give way to their "natural" mothering instincts if given half a chance, and, in any case, they could be forcibly impregnated if necessary. Women sent to the camps who were subsequently discovered to be lesbian, were especially liable to be forced into brothel work as a "cure" as well as a humiliation.

With such a rabidly heterosexual world-view, it is not difficult to understand the Nazi's hatred of homosexuals. In a nation obsessed with the birth-rate, homosexuality was a political crime.

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