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"Abrun Galil fath meron porek jabrilag sofer buroon..." the Singers intoned.

At once the Interpreter proclaimed, "And said Galil the Prophet, the Enlightened, in the third day of the ninth month of the tenth year - Look at the spikes, each one regroups a similar number of seeds and each one waves at the wind like the others of the same field. Look at the ripe orange, each one regroups a similar number of segments and with the others hangs from the tree's branches. In the same way, God-fearing people, observe and learn what the Lord God teaches us through his creation."

Jarvis was listening carefully. He knew that at the end the Controllers would test some of them at random, and one had to have understood and memorized, or else he would receive twenty blows with the cane. And had to listen to it again from the start; shamefully and under the wrath of his family, also forced to listen to the whole passage again, together with its guilty relative. Happily he had a very good memory.

But, while looking at the flickering, smoky flames of the torches, he asked himself why one could not study the Prophet's words at school like all the other subjects, comfortably sitting at a desk, with the text before himself? Instead one had to stand up each night of the seventh, fourteenth, twenty-first and twenty- eighth day of the month, in the wide community hall, for three hours, to listen to the songs, and lectures, and commentaries and then one had also to be tested? All the ten books with the Prophet's sayings were read over seventy years. Some did not hear all of them, not even just once, as they died before they had been finished. Is this why it was said, "The lucky man lives seventy years and seven days"? And then, why only the Keepers and the United could read the sacred books at will?

"It has always been so". They unfailingly answered him. For five thousand one hundred and twenty two years. That is, since the Prophet had been seized by his arms by God who took him with Him so that he could welcome the faithful servants.

"Perhaps it had always been in this way," the boy reflected. "But, the language that the Prophet spoke is no longer the same as we speak today, therefore this at least did change, and so today we need the Interpreters". When he noticed this, and asked an explanation of his teacher, the man as an answer slapped him with the back of his hand.

No, Jarvis didn't like the Keepers. Not even the Singers with their green tunics, filled with conceit, and nor the pedantic Commentators with red tunics, and not even the Councilors with their black tunic, so deceitful, neither at last the Teachers with their gray tunics, so boring.

On the other hand he liked those who were of the United. There was a United Convivial House, the Convivium, at the boundary of the village. They were of the Order of the Mystics, the ones with a yellow and black tunic. He loved their dances full of life and joy, their striking music, the smile with which they welcomed everybody. He liked Master Trake, who was always so kind to him. For sometime now he was conceiving within his heart the project to go and ask to be received into the Convivium. Also because he didn't feel like marrying, and regardless of his desires in two years he had to take part to the annual Festivity of the Encounter. His parents were already starting to ask him which one of the girls he fancied - to which, if he answered at all, he said "none".

He found them all so flat, boring, not at all interesting. "Why are the boys so lively, full of interests, of curiosity but not the girls?" he asked himself. But also to this he was not able to find satisfying reply.

The only one way to avoid marriage was to enter the United. And he liked the Mystics. On the other end of the village there was also a Convivium of the Donated, but he never went there, even if they often came to the village to assist ill people, to help and sustain the poor.

No, he was fascinated by Master Trake and his contagious cheerfulness. Usually, the grown up people made weigh the difference of age with the youths. Master Trake, even if he was twice Jarvis' age, always treated him as a peer, with respect and attention. Yes, he had to go as soon as possible and meet him to ask what he had to do in order to be admitted.

The ceremony ended and everybody swarmed towards the exit, where the Keepers chose the ones to test. He was lucky; he passed them without fate fingering him. He would have been able to answer, but he didn't feel like being subjected to the test. Joining his family they went back home. He helped his mother to put the younger children to bed, while his father with the elder children went to check the herd one last time. Then they too went to bed. He heard his sisters talking in a low voice in the next room, then heard an unmistakable noise - his elder brother, the engaged one, was masturbating. He knew it was forbidden; at times he also did it.

Who knows why it was forbidden? It was pleasurable and certainly it didn't harm anybody. "Seed exists to generate" the Prophet said, "it has to be thrown in fertile land, it must not be wasted." Anyway one could not use all the seed he produced to generate, could one? There were already too many children. Counting his brothers and sisters already married, there were fourteen children. If his father used all his seed how many would there be? Too many, that's for sure. Therefore the seed doesn't exist only to generate. "If it was so, God would have created us to produce less seed, wouldn't He?" If it was so, a man would make love with his woman just a tenth of the time in all his life. He on the contrary knew that his father and his mother made love every night. Except on the Night of the Listening, who knows why! If he put his ear to the wooden wall of his parents' room, he could hear them making love, as he now heard his brother.

The thought of his father in action, and of his brother who was masturbating, aroused him. And finally he also started. It was a while since he discovered that if one brushed his nipples while masturbating, he could feel a more intense pleasure. Who knows if his brother also knew this? Their four younger brothers did not yet do it - two of them were not yet of age, they still hadn't undergone the Maturity Rite. But the other two passed the rite. Possibly, like him at first, they didn't do it in bed but in other places. He, before, did it when he went to the river, hiding amongst the bushes.

He well remembered the maturity ceremony. He had been blindfolded, and then lead into a room where he could feel the presence of many people, certainly all the Keepers. Then hands raised his tunic and pulled it off, untied his ritual light blue loincloth, and a gentle hand caressed his member making it harden and stand up. Then masturbated him until the seed come out of it. The voice of Councilor Pakak said, "He is ripe. Look at him, Keepers." A murmur followed her words. Then he was brought to the ritual pool, for the purification with water, then to the round fireplace to be purified with fire, and last he was covered with a new tunic, the loincloth hanging on his shoulder. On it was the dark, wet stain of his seed. He was then given back to his family. It was the memory of that hand on his member that gave him the desire to feel those pleasurable emotions again, so he started to masturbate. At first he almost followed the same ritual - he caressed it until it was hard, then he seized it and slowly stroked it. But when he became hard even before caressing it, he just masturbated, gathering his seed in his loincloth, to avoid leaving traces in his bed. In the open he didn't have that problem, he just spread his seed on the grass....

There was no maturity ceremony for the girls - when they shed their first blood, the family just held a small party, hanging a red cloth out of the door with the name of the daughter written on it. After maturity four years had to pass, then there was the Ceremony of the Encounter, (that he wanted to avoid) in which the couples that would marry were united. The couple that had married could have sex at her home, in the 'not fertile days', for two years. Then the wedding would be celebrated. If by chance they made a mistake and a baby was conceived, birth was not allowed. Severe laws regulated the sexual behavior of the community. Adultery and intercourse between persons of the same gender or with animals were all punishable by the death. Incest, by death for the parent and five hundred cane blows any seven days for one year, for the child, on the Community Square. Sex before the Encounter was punished like the child in incest. Masturbation was punished with one hundred cane blows in the Community Square, just once. But the guilty youths had, for one year, to wear a cap with "FILTHY!" written on it. It happened very seldom, but it happened. And everybody had to marry, or to become a United.

The United Conviviums were almost all for men. A few were formed for women, by sterile women or widows. There were more men than women excluding the married ones; therefore, it was logical that there were ten male Conviviums per one female. The Keepers were all married. But they married only amongst themselves. It was told that Galil, the Prophet, at the beginning of time, had twelve sons - - one was the founder of the Keepers, one of the United, the other ten of the ten nations. The chief of all the Keepers, that of all the Orders and the chiefs of all the nations were still called with the honorific title "Galilam" that meant, in the ancient language "Son of Galil". Amgalilam was the chief of all the Keepers, Bergalilam of all the United, then the nations' chiefs were Fie, Gon, Jem, Kur, Sar, Mon, Vis, Tos, Fre, Kun, that is, the numbers from three to twelve. Jarvis belonged to the nation of Jemgalilam. He never met her, but his father met her once. It seemed she was a really strong and wise woman. She was the two hundred and forty first Jemgalilam. It seemed she was near her seventieth year, and she had now been in charge for thirty two years. At her death all the family heads of each village would gather and send their representative to the town. Here gathered, the village representatives would choose from amongst them the representative to send to the Capital. In the Capital all the towns' representatives would choose amongst themselves the new Jemgalilam. It had always so. As with everything else.

But Jarvis continued to ask himself, why, if everything had been so for ever, immutable, was the ancient language different from the current one? How, and why did it change? It was not true, hence, that everything is immutable. Who knows if Master Trake would answer this question, and many others? Or would he too give him a back-hander? No, not Master Trake, he was sure. Master Trake was different from any other man of the village. He really had to ask for audience with the Master, and ask him what he had to do to become a United.

"What do you ask, young man?" the Professed who opened the door asked him.

"To have audience with Master Trake."

"Master Trake is in exercise."

"In the Great Hall? May I go to assist?"

"No, he is giving an ecstasy demonstration to the Novices in the Middle Hall. Do you know where it is?"

"Yes, I have already been there."

"You know you have to keep silent, don't you?"

"Yes, Professed. You are new in this Convivium, are you not?"

"Yes, I come from Logvillage's Convivium. Are you from this village?"

"Yes, I know almost everybody here, I come often."

"Then go. Behave, I recommend you!"

"Yes, I'll take off my clogs and keep silent, I know that I must!" Jarvis said merrily, at the prospect of seeing the Master soon.

He walked along the corridor to the middle door, pulled off his clogs and put them in line with others, climbed the steps and entered the internal corridor. Barefoot on the smooth wooden floor, he reached the Middle Hall's door. He heard the music, the yells, the noise of the jumps. He shifted aside the first curtain, then the second one and silently slipped inside, standing close to the wall, then going to sit in the shadow in a corner.

Master Trake was in the center of the room, fully illumined by the sunrays entering from one of the windows surrounding the room. He had spread his black mantle on the floor and, to the sound of the instruments of invisible players, he was dizzily twirling in his yellow tunic that, in rhythm with his movements, opened like a bellflower, fell, waved. His face was radiant and from his half open mouth come mysterious sounds. All around the Novices were watching him, engrossed. Jarvis knew that the music came from the annex room, and that it reverberated on the dome surmounting the circle of windows, yet each time he heard it, was amazed by the seeming miracle of hearing the music as if it emanated from the same spot where the Mystic was dancing. The music ceased and Master Trake stopped at once.

"Well, Novices, did you understand? At the 'daum dun dun daaum dum daaaum' you have to invert your movements. There are exactly nine beats, in three cycles. You have to feel, inside you that it is changing. In the beginning you can count, but gradually it has to come by itself. You are not training to become dancers in a theatre, but to become Mystics. The difference is all there. The dancer is a technician who is able to perfectly coordinate his movements. To him, each movement corresponds to one or more beats. But not for a Mystic - during those nine beats the change happens. With which beat I don't know but it's not important. Today it can come at the fifth, tomorrow at the seventh or at the fourth... The change has to be born inside you of itself, and emerge. In day twenty three of the thirteenth month of the year five Galil says, 'You know it is about to rain, but you can't say when the first drop will fall. But rather, here, it falls.' It is exactly so, do you understand? Now, Novice Renne, it's your turn. Don't worry about doing it right or wrong. Dance to reach illumination and to bring it to the world. Nothing else matters. Our great Enlightened Sharet, who died in 3647, was ugly and misshapen, and also awkward. And yet he brought Galil's light in his epoch thanks to his dance. And those who saw him dancing saw in him supreme beauty and grace, and saw the work of God." Trake left his mantle on the floor and gave its space to the Novice Renne. He clapped his hands. The music rose, lightly.

Jarvis watched in fascination. Renne seemed skilled to him, even though surely less than Master Trake. And yet, studying the expression on the Masters face, he saw that he was not happy.

In fact, when the music ceased, he said, "Still too technical. Where was your heart, Renne? If you don't free your heart from worry, you will never enter the Mystical World. And look at the mantle, it is crumpled like the sea under a storm! When your heart will be light, the mantle also will remain smooth." Jarvis never realized that this was the reason for the mantle on the floor, and was astounded. Certainly, dancing in such a dizzying way on a mantle without making it crumple in the least, had to be something prodigious. How many years of study could such a skill demand?

When the exercises were over, the sun had just moved between two of the windows. Master Trake took up his mantle and, while the Novices left after thanking him, approached Jarvis.

"Welcome, my friend! Did you come to assist in the dances?"

"Master, I came to talk with you, if you are able to spare the time."

"Certainly, my friend, for you I will always find the time. Come, let's go to the peach garden."

There, Jarvis broached the subject he had in his heart.

"Master, how do I become a United in the Order of Mystics?"

"I was waiting for such a request from you. I felt it was awakening inside you. You have to apply to the Elder of the Convivium. But do you know that one is admitted only when sixteen or more? Aren't you fifteen?"


"And why do you want to become a United?"

"I don't want to marry! In two years I shall have to choose my spouse. I don't want to, and there is no other way. Besides that, I like the Mystics. I would like to become like you, Master Trake. Just your presence relieves a persons heart."

"The study of mysticism is a demanding discipline. Dance is just its external aspect, its visible result. A Mystic studies and dances from sunrise to sunset. And often also in the night, on special occasions. Life in a Convivium has strict rules to whom one has to subject oneself. Do you feel you could live such a life?"

"I think so, Master. May I apply to the Elder?"

"Why don't you ask first to spend a month here in the Convivium, with us? For instance, in the next exercises for laymen. Several men and women come from your village."

"In the ninth month?"

"Yes, there is less work in the fields, and each family can release one or two of its members. Your father and mother shall not deny their authorization."

"Yes. I would like that. Thank you, Master Trake, you are always so kind to me."

"Here eat these on your way back. And come back to see me soon." the man said pulling from his sleeve a small bundle of leaaves and handing it to the boy - they were very tasty sweets that he often gave him.

Jarvis took it and raised it to his forehead in the gesture of thanks and, after a deep salutation bow; he ran away lightly, feeling happy. On his way back he discarded the leaves and savored the sweets. Who knows how the United were able to make such good sweets? Nobody in the village was so skilled, not even his mother who was very good at food preparation.

While he was returning to the village, he felt the desire to pass by the river to hide in the thick bushes and give himself some pleasure. The urge came so suddenly, he didn't even know why.

At times his member became hard and strained in his loincloth and if he didn't have the chance to relieve himself quickly, he felt an ache in his testicles for a while.

He changed his direction and cut trough a small wood until he was in sight of the river. He went towards "his" place. From there he could see in time if somebody was approaching, without them seeing him, so he had the time to tie his loincloth again without any problems. Reaching the spot, he looked around - not a living soul. He raised his tunic hitching it under his chin, untied his loincloth and took his already hard member in his hand. He started to slowly masturbate himself, closing his eyes and enjoying the sensation that he was giving himself. With his other hand he lightly and pleasurably teased his nipples. He was slowly nearing the point of no return, when a rustle caught his attention; he became still, opened his eyes and carefully looked around. There was nobody, nothing was moving. "It had to be some animal," he thought and started to masturbate again.

A new noise, but from the opposite side, put him on alert again. He carefully looked around but again was unable to see anything unusual. He shrugged his shoulders and resumed his pleasurable pastime. But suddenly he heard noises again, now he saw two stooped figures walking amongst the bushes, converging the one toward the other. He was about to gird his loincloth again, but something made him stop and look again. They were not coming towards him, it seemed they were going toward a cave, and they were walking with stealth.

He recognized them, one was a boy from his village, Frest, who celebrated the Ceremony of the Encounter that year; the other, it was evident from the colors of his clothes, was one of the young novices from the Mystics' Convivium, but he could not recognize him. Jarvis thought all this was odd - what were they doing there, sneaking about that way, with a clear intention of meeting at the cave? Possibly they... Yes, perhaps these two... The thought excited him and he felt a strong desire to see, to spy on them. If they entered the cave he could not see them. But he would never enter there to do those things - whoever arrived there could see who was inside and what they did, and those inside could for sure not escape or hide or, above all, if the intruder came from the back, they would not even know he was there. No, they were going to the cave, but surely that was only their meeting point. Where could they go, later? Jarvis knew very well the place and possibly Frest also. The only safe place was exactly where he was. They would almost surely climb up here. If he wanted to watch them, he had to hide, but where? He well knew that there were no hideouts around there, that's why he chose this place. Unless he... He hurriedly tore away several branches from the bushes, crouched in the thickest and most tangled undergrowth and created a screen in front of himself with the branches he'd torn off, well placed so that they seemed natural. Then he waited in silence, sitting with his legs widespread and massaging his member so as not to lose his erection. Time passed and nothing happened. He thought he had been wrong, so he started to masturbate again - it was better to cum and return to the village. But suddenly the rustle came nearer and in a short while he saw them reaching the place where he was earlier. He also recognized the novice, it was Kempi.

"Here we are safe." Frest said in a whisper.

"Are you sure?"

"I often come here to beat off. Come." the boy said pulling the Novice against himself and raising his tunic. Jarvis saw Frest untying the other's loincloth and crouching in front of him, then saw that he was taking the Novice's member in his hand, bringing his face close, and saw that Frest was starting to lick it, to the obvious pleasure of Kempi.

The Novice murmured, "Ooh, you are skilled, really skilled!"

"I told you, didn't I?" the boy murmured and started again to lick. Jarvis, his eyes wide, stopped to masturbating, but was terribly aroused by the scene. Frest now let the full length of the Novices rod slip inside his mouth and started to rock his head back and forth.

"Ooh, that's great! You are really skilled, who taught you? You are a master. Oh, suck it... suck it, go on... make me cum!"

Frest stopped for a moment and, looking him up and down, said, "But if I let you cum inside my mouth as you like, then you will let me shove it all up your ass, won't you?"

"I promised, didn't I? Go on, suck, make me cum." the Novice said with urgency, putting his hands on the boy's head and pulling it to his erect member.

Frest plunged onto the hard rod again and started to suck it with a will. Jarvis never saw a couple making love, and was fascinated and more and more aroused. He started to slowly masturbate again, without losing sight of everything the two were doing. He then saw the Novice starting to tremble as if he had the fever, tilting his head backwards and he realised that Kempi was emptying his seed inside his companion's mouth. Frest was swallowing it all, almost greedily! Then he saw Kempi relaxing and knew that the orgasm was over.

Frest stood up and cleaned his lips with the back of his hand, "Turn around, Kempi, go on," he said, "Now it's my turn."

The Novice turned, pulling up his tunic and, uncovering his butt, bent forward placing his hands on his knees. Frest spit on his fingers and passed them between Kempi's buttocks. Then raised his tunic, pulled off his loincloth and with it fixed his tunic so that it would not interfere. Jarvis saw his mate's member - it was thicker and longer than that of the Novice, and it was beautiful, smooth, perfect, slightly bending upwards like the horn of a rhinoceros. And under it hung the beautiful sack of his testicles.

Then Frest parted Kempi's buttocks with both hands, aimed between them with his powerful pole and gave a hard thrust with his loins, slipping completely inside him. "Hey, how many did you take before mine? he asked, "I entered you as smoothly as an arrow into water!"

"Fuck me, go on!"

"Yes, sure. You have a wonderful ass!" the boy said, starting to hammer inside him with determination.

Jarvis felt he was near exploding in an orgasm stronger than he ever experienced before. Thus, with some difficulty, he stopped masturbating - he was afraid to lose control and be discovered. It was not that he had much to fear from these two, they could not report him for sure. Frest was busying himself with evident pleasure. The expression on Kempi's face was clearly one of enjoyment also. Jarvis asked himself which of them was enjoying that union more. The Novice started to masturbate himself rapidly and was moaning with pleasure. After a while they both came, moaning, until they both completely unloaded. Then parted.

Kempi picked up some tender leaves and gently cleaned the still erect pole of the other who, looking at him, asked, "Tell me, Kempi, how many cocks did you take, before mine?"

"Just one, that of my Professed - it is thicker than yours but shorter. But yours... I like it more. Will you take me again?"

"Sure I will! But does he fuck you often?"

"Every day, after I was admitted."

"And where do you do it?"

"He is in charge of cleaning the oven, and every morning I help him, so..."

"Don't tell me that you do it in the oven!"

"Yes. We go in there wearing just our loincloths, and from the oven mouth it is not possible to see the part towards the chimney, so we are safe."

"And does he give you head?"

"No, not he."

"Who then?"

"The Novice who sleeps between me and the wall, in the darkness at night."

"But what if you are caught?"

"It is not possible. Only the Acolyte on watch has a lamp, and the door is on the opposite side of our bed. We would see in time if he came. But you, who taught you to give head so well?"

"An Acolyte of the Donated Convivium. He came to care for my father when he was seriously ill. He spent hours sitting near his bed. He didn't wear a loincloth. I slipped under the bed and from there under his tunic, between his legs, and I give him head until he came."

"But didn't your family or your father notice it?"

"My father was unconscious. And at home there was no one, they were all in the fields working. I had to go back home every day to warm the food for lunch, to fill the water pitcher, and to take it all to the others in the fields. Once he told me he wanted to teach me an amusing secret game. I was thirteen, and had a great desire to play. But I had to prepare everything without wasting any time. Then he said me, 'If you swear to me you will keep a secret about what I do with you, I will help you do all that is necessary, so we have time.' So he taught me to give him head. I liked it a lot, he had a wonderful cock and his seed was really tasty. So, we continued, every day. We did it in that funny position to be safe - even if someone entered; I had the time to slip away from his part of the bed without being seen. My father healed after two years so he didn't come any more.

"But I had a strong desire to do it again. So one night I went to the bed of my elder brother and did it with him. I feared his reaction a little, but thought that in the dark he wouldn't know it was I - we were six brothers who slept in the same room. He let me do it without uttering a word. So I went to him the following night also. But after a while giving him head, he stopped me. Without talking, he pulled me up, I thought he wanted to beat me, or do who knows what bad thing to me, but on the contrary he made me turn, rummaged in my small ass and started to play in my little hole with his fingers wet with spit. I let him. He started to masturbate and I followed suit. For two or three nights, that's all that happened.

"Then one night, after letting me suck his tool for a while, and then pulling me up and playing in my ass with his fingers, he pushed all his rod inside my hole. As I was whimpering, he shut my mouth with his hand while he was fucking me, and with the other hand masturbated me. I liked it, even if it was somewhat painful. Night after night this went on, I got used to it and liked it more and more.

"Then he married and again I didn't know with whom do it. Try it with another of my brothers? I liked one of my brothers, the one who was one year younger than me, and thought I could possibly also manage to put mine in his small, nice ass. I too wanted to try that. Therefore I went to his bed and made him feel my hard cock, but scared, he started to scream, 'There is somebody in my bed, there is somebody in my bed!' I just had time to go back to my bed and to ask aloud, 'What's up, who is it?' and already my parents were coming with the lamp. We all were up checking who could have entered. 'He touched me, I swear!' my brother was screaming, but dad and mum, luckily for me, were telling him that he just had a bad dream, the door was still shut and all seemed in order. I was terribly scared. But the yen was still strong.

"Until one day, we were playing hide and seek, I was hiding with Sakor, squeezed between two rocks and a tree, my friend was against me. His small ass pressed, unwillingly, exactly here, on my cock. I could feel its warmth and got a rigid hard-on. He felt it and said in a whisper, 'You have a big thing, between your legs...' I said, 'Yes, big and hot.' He brushes his ass on it and says, 'Will you let me look at it?' and I, 'If you let me put it inside your nice ass,' and he, 'If I say yes, what will you do for me?' and I, 'I'll suck yours.' In short, it started quite like between you and me."

Jarvis listened carefully. Only when the two had tidied themselves and left could he relax in his hideout. He was somewhat dazed - so many new things all at once, so many emotions. But how? It was forbidden and it seemed that there were many doing it! Somewhat like masturbating. Many more, anyway, than those who were caught. And even amongst the United. Then Frest, Sekor. He too would eventually try it with them, couldn't he? The idea excited him, and finally he came. Then scrambled out, tidied himself and went quickly towards his village. He was thinking, "Why not try with my elder brother who masturbates almost every night?" he could slip into his bed, in the dark, and touch him while he was masturbating, ready to rapidly go back to his bed if he reacted badly... Jarvis was again aroused. Until then he had never had sexual fantasies, but now they were running wild and he felt full of desire to try it with somebody, with anybody.

In the village he came across Sekor. "Hi Sekor! How are you?" he cheerfully greeted him.

The boy looked at him somewhat taken aback - between them there had never been a real friendship. Sure, at the village they all knew each other, but they never fraternized.

"Not badly, Jarvis..." the other answered hesitantly.

"Are you going to the fields?"

"No, today I have to work in the stable."

"Oh. I have a rest day. Can I come and give you a hand?"

"Why?" Sekor was suspicious.

"Well... er... so... I have nothing to do..."

"My brothers already help me."

"Oh, you aren't alone at work in the stable?"

"Surely not. You know that we have a big herd, don't you?"

"Well, bye, then." Jarvis said shrugging his shoulders and left thinking he would have another chance.

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