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His first lover was his elder brother Mulke. For two nights Jarvis lay listening until he finally heard the light rustle of his brother masturbating. He slipped noiselessly out of his bed, and crept on all fours to Mulke's bed, who, unaware he'd been discovered, continued with his pastime. Jarvis put his hand where he guessed his brother's pubes had to be, but he missed it a little. Mulke, feeling the touch, became still and emitted a short strangled sound.

Then Jarvis, finding his brother's hand still grasping his swollen member, pushed it away and started stroking his rod. It was the first time he had a chance to hold the penis of another man, and he liked it. His brother lay still and rigid. With his other hand Jarvis caressed his brother's belly, his chest, and brushed his nipples. Mulke relaxed and emitted an almost imperceptible sigh. But Jarvis heard and knew the meaning.

Then he knelt next to the bed and bent to tentatively lick the member he was masturbating. Mulke moaned softly and brushed a hand through Jarvis' hair, whilst the boy liked feeling the firm, hot flesh, of the quivering pole. Recalling what he saw Frest doing, he licked it with more passion, then took it between his lips, letting it slip into his mouth and started to suck it. Mulke began to caress his back, his arms, showing his appreciation, his acceptance. Jarvis was more and more excited.

He liked it very much, and wanted more. He stood up and pushed his hard member towards the bed's head, and brushed it lightly against his brother's face. Mulke brought his hands to it, and Jarvis thought at first that he was trying to push it away, but instead he fondled it for a long while and when Jarvis was about to pull away to resume the blow job for his brother, his brother stopped him and started to lick it, at first somewhat hesitantly, then with more and more fervor. Jarvis took his head in his hands and guided him so that he could slip it into his mouth. Mulke parted his lips and Jarvis felt such an intense pleasure that he thought he would cum at that instant. He pulled out, Mulke thought he wanted to go away, so he seized him about his waist and pulled him to himself. Jarvis sat on the edge of the bed. Mulke pulled him down and embraced him caressing him all over. They were both shuddering and their members were pressed between their bellies. Both were seized by a strong, new pleasure, and they climaxed together. When their orgasms subsided, Mulke used his loincloth to dry their bellies. Then he whispered softly in his brother's ear, "Thank you. Go back to your bed now."

The next day, while they were in the fields, Mulke approached him. "Will you come again, tonight?" he asked him with a shy smile.

Jarvis wondered how his brother could be so sure it was he, the previous night, but nodded. Then asked him, "Did you do it with a boy before?"

"Never. And you?"

"Nor I."

"You do know it is forbidden, don't you?" Mulke cautioned him.

"Yes. But I like it so much!"

"Yes. So we have to be careful. I wouldn't like being lashed in the village square."

"Who can catch us?" Jarvis asked.

"Our other brothers."

"They will be asleep. We just have to be quiet."

"If your bed was nearer mine, it would be simpler."

"Have you done it with your girl?"

"Yes, sure."

"And do you like it?"

"Yes... but we can only do it once a month..."

"Does she suck you?"

"No! She doesn't."

"But you like it?"

"You do it so nicely."

"No, I mean with her?"


"Do you shove it in her backside?"

"No! She is a woman - it is permitted only in front."

"Would you like to put it in me?"

"In your ass?"


"Oh! Yes."

"And will you let me do it?"

"To me? In my ass?"

"Yes?" Jarvis asked softly.

"I don't know. I'm not sure I would like it. I never tried."

"Neither I. But I think it could be worth trying."

"But the ass is not made for..."

"Nor is the mouth, and yet it is great, isn't it?"

"That's true."

"Will we try, tonight?"

"I don't know, we will see. Do you know you have a really nice cock, even if you are only fifteen?"

"Do you like it?"

"It's the first time I've touched one, besides mine."

"I too."

"And what if I reported you?" Mulke teased.

"How could you prove it was me?"

"Touching you, I would recognize you."

"But then you could not report me, could you?" Jarvis slyly said. Mulke giggled.

That night they did penetrate each other and liked it very much. So they continued to meet every night. However for Jarvis, having tasted the pleasure of sex between males, his brother was not enough.

A day or so later he managed to be alone with Frest, and asked him directly to make love. At first Frest pretended to be scandalized, but when Jarvis told him he saw him with Kempi, he agreed. So together they took each other, with mutual satisfaction. Then, thanks to his friend Frest, Jarvis was able to do it also with Sekor, who until then had avoided him. Through Sekor he found out that there was another boy who liked that forbidden way of making love in their village. It was his cousin Premke, one year older than he was.

Jarvis never had the intention to marry and his determination was even greater, now that he discovered how much he liked making love with those of his own sex.

He thought about all those with whom he made love: Mulke liked doing it with his woman, but since he could do it just once in a month, he took his fun with his brother. Frest, on the other hand said that for him it was as good doing it with his girl as with a boy. Sekor liked it best with a male, but resigned himself to do it with his woman. Premke seemed lot more attracted to men. He told him that from his childhood his preferred pastime was hiding to spy on men when they took off their loincloth. But unlike Sekor, who only liked being a bottom, Premke preferred being a top, as did Frest. Jarvis on the contrary liked it both ways.

The first time he was taken, it had been his brother. But he liked it better the way Frest took him. The first time he took somebody also, had been with his brother, but he liked doing it best with Sekor.

This undeniable revolution in Jarvis sexual life happened in only three months, in summer, and he made up for all the lost time. But he asked himself, "Is it possible that only us boys do it, here in the village?" True, all the adults had a woman, and Mulke told him that once married he would not be interested in doing it with a man. But he knew that Sekor asked Frest to continue doing it with him, and Frest accepted. Therefore there must be also others.

Could it be that guys who were "very close friends" really were possibly lovers? He couldn't be certain of it, and of course he couldn't ask. He talked about that with Premke, "When you hid to spy on other men's cocks, did you ever see two adult men doing it together?"

"No. I saw many of them masturbating, but always alone."

"And yet, there must be some..."

"I think so too. But, you know, fearing to be caught, they have to be more careful. It is one thing to be beaten with the cane, but another to be beheaded!"

"But since it is not difficult for us boys to find a place, don't you think adults can also have their secret places?" Jarvis asked.

"Yes, but where?"

"Places where they are sure nobody can see them, like for us at the river."

"But you caught Frest right there."

"Well, the risk always exists. But for instance, when they go hunting, of course they go deep in the woods just two of them. While hidden in the woods, alone, who can possibly see them? Anyway, in my opinion, adults also do it. Did you know that twelve years ago they caught Klaro's father doing it with Mastam's father? They were beheaded, weren't they?"

"Yes." Jarvis was somber, almost frightened. "Do you know where they were caught?"

"They say they were doing it in Mastam's house. His mother had suspected something and called the neighbors, saying there were thieves in her home. Afterwards she entered a United Convivium, in town. And Mastam became the chief of his family."

"At home! It is possibly the least safe place." Jarvis commented thoughtful. Then he asked his friend, "Why is it forbidden to do it between males?"

"I don't know. It seems that all that is fun is forbidden. They also say that it is because God made males to unite with females. But I don't believe that. When they are not able to explain something, the adults always say it is because God decided so, and they close the subject. But why, as it is so beautiful? And why do male animals also do it between themselves?"

"Animals? Between males?"

"Yes. My dog always fucks my neighbors' dog in the ass!" Premke said giggling.

"But you, Premke, how did you do it the first time?"

"I? I was fourteen. We went to town to sell a part of our herd. A city boy came up to me and told me he would give me a silver coin if I went with him. I thought he needed a hand to help do something, so I followed him. He took me to the public baths.

"He asked the man at the door, 'is the room free?' The man giggled and said, 'Yes, there is nobody using it, don't worry'. The boy gave him a coin, took me in a small room, shut the door and said, 'Undress' and he undressed also. At first I didn't understand, I thought he was possibly undressing to go and take a bath. I liked the idea of seeing him naked, so I too undressed. Then he said, 'Go on, get busy'. And I asked, 'doing what?', 'Oh... you don't know?' he asked me, and he explained everything to me. Then he made me put it in his ass.

"I enjoyed that so very much! Far better than just beating off alone. When I went back to the market place, my father was mad at me, 'Where did you go? What did you do?' So, I gave him the coin, 'A guy gave me this to help him. Take it.' He calmed down at once, happy for the coin. 'What did he ask you to do?' he asked, curious.

I said to my father, 'I just had to help him shove a hose in the waste-pipe, as he could not do it by himself, it needed two people so he asked me to help push it all inside.'"

"You really told him that? And your father didn't catch on?" Jarvis giggled.

"No, not at all! He laughed, and asked, 'what! Now you are also becoming a plumber?' and he started laughing and, after pocketing my coin continued talking about the price of animals with the buyer."

"And then?"

"And then... I wanted to do it again. I liked it so much. So, a few days later when the cloth vendors came to the village, my father gave me some coins and said, 'Go and buy a piece of blue fabric for a work apron. But bargain, try not to spend all these coins.'

"So I go and tell the young man what I need. 'Here,' he said, 'it's five brass pieces'. I bargained. To persuade him I say, 'I can keep for myself anything I don't spend. Please, give me a good price'.

"And then he said, 'If you'll be kind to me, I'll give it to you for free', 'Really?' I said, and asked, 'Kind... what do I have to do?' He said. "You are such a cute boy, I would like having some fun with you' and he touched my little ass. The area was deserted. I understood and told him, 'Yes, but where?' And he, 'Here, behind this curtain'. 'But what if someone comes?' 'We will see in time'. So we went behind the curtain, he raises my tunic, unties my loincloth, moves to my backside, and spreads something on my little hole and thrusts it all inside so fiercely that I scream. 'Shut up, kid!' he says, then he starts to fuck me."

"Did you like it?"

"No, not at first, but he was so good that after a while I got a hard-on, he noticed it and beat me off, so it also became pleasant for me. I was still so tight that he came very soon. Then he gave me the cloth. 'You are really tight, kid! I have to come to your village more often' he said, satisfied, then he added, 'What's your name?' 'Premke,' I said and he, 'Do you know a kid whose name is Sekor?' 'Sure, I do'. And he said, 'I like him too, but he is not as tight as you'.

"So I, besides having earned three brass pieces, because I told my father I paid them for the cloth, and was happy, I had also useful information, I had learned that I could fuck Sekor.

"On the first occasion I met him, alone, I said him, 'Sekor, wouldn't you like me to fuck your ass?' He said, 'Are you crazy? That is forbidden. Leave me alone!' And I, 'Come on, you let the cloth huckster shove it up your ass, didn't you?' And he, 'That's a lie!' But then I show him my hard tool, and tell him, 'Come on, you like it!' He looks at it, looks at me, looks at it again. For a while he doesn't do or say anything, but then bends, takes it in his hand, fingers it, and finally licks it! It was my first time. I liked it. Then I put my hand under his tunic, pull away his loincloth, push my finger in his hole and he likes that. In fact he turns and offers me his ass..."

"But, where were you?" Jarvis asked him, curious.

"Up in the Carob pasture. You know the saddle rock, don't you? On top of it. From underneath, even if somebody came, he could see nothing but our heads, not what we were doing, so we were safe."

"Oh, I see. A really good place..."

"Yes, he liked it, and I did too. A lot. So, whenever we could, we did it again."

"And the cloths man?"

"A couple of times. My parents, as I was so good in bargaining, sent me for purchases, and each time I earned some brass pieces and good fun, even if I prefer being a top. But I really liked giving him head. The last time, I was giving him a blowjob behind the curtain, and he, from over it, saw some women coming, but didn't warn me. So I continued without worrying.

"When I hear the women's voices, I hurriedly try to pull away, but he held onto my head with both hands forcing me to continue, and he start talking with them as if nothing was happening. The woman didn't suspect at all what was going on behind the curtain. It was really exciting, Jarvis!"

"But dangerous!"

"No, they could see nothing, just his head and shoulders. So I started to suck again with more boldness, even more excited than before. And he was laughing and jesting with the women who were feeling the cloths, while he was caressing my hair and pushed it deep into my throat, 'Feel it, doesn't it tempt you?' he said to the women, then he slipped it out just a little, pushed it all inside my mouth, 'Think to slip on such a tunic, then to slip it off - a real pleasure, Don't you think?' he merrily said. And while he was unloading inside my mouth, pulling my head against his groin, he said, 'A real joy!' and the women laughed at his pleased expression. He left his tool inside my mouth until it became soft, then slipped it out, lowered his tunic without even wearing his loincloth, and went out from behind the curtain, leaving me hidden there to beat me off, and sold them the cloth. 'You can come out, now' he told me after a while. He gave me the fabric my father sent me to buy, and said 'It was really great, kid, wasn't it?' he said."

"Hell, I would have died with fear!" Jarvis exclaimed.

Premke laughed merrily. "I got a hard-on just telling you. Would you give me head?" he said showing it to Jarvis.

Jarvis didn't need to be asked twice. How could he refuse the temptation of such a beautiful hard cock?

The end of the eighth month came and Jarvis got the authorization from his father to spend a month at the Mystics' Convivium. Here he saw Kempi, but he never had the occasion to be alone with him. And while at the Convivium for that month, he had to refrain from any kind of sexual activity, he could not even masturbate since he had to sleep so close to the other people from his village in the guestrooms.

He talked with Master Trake.

"During this month, Jarvis, try to live the Convivium life fully. Try to understand if it really suits you. And at the end, if you are still determined, we will ask the Elder for your admission."

"But, if my father opposes?"

"He has to oppose, that's the way it works. But in reality, once the Elder accepts you, he can't stop you. That is the law."

"What if the Elder doesn't accept me?"

"You have to convince him. I can put in a good word, and I will, but it's all up to you."


"He will ask you questions, like - why do you want to enter the United."

"Because I don't want to marry."

"It could be an answer, but not a very good one."

"What do I have to say, then?"

"That you want to follow the road to learn the teachings of Galil the Prophet - you feel that the lectures you hear at the village are not sufficient."

"I see."

"Then he will ask you - why the Mystics."

"Because I know them, and because you are a Mystic, Master Trake."

The man smiled, "No, I really don't think he will think this enough as an answer. It's not wrong, you may say this also, but..."

Jarvis then quickly added. "Because I want to reach the illumination and pass it to others."

"That is a much better answer, but think, Jarvis. Why in the Mystic Order? You are a clever boy..."

"Because... looking at the Mystics' dances, life seems to me beautiful to be lived, dancing with the Mystics means living this beauty."

"Very good. And then?"

Jarvis thought for a moment then said, "If there were no herders or farmers, nobody could have the good food that God gave us on his table. If there were no Mystics, nobody could know the rapture that God gives us, the rapture of God."

"Very good. Then possibly he could ask you other questions... but I feel you won't have any problems."

"But if I am accepted, then can I really learn a lot of things? There are so many questions I would like to ask and that up to now nobody could, or would answer."

"For instance?"

"If it is true that everything is as it is because God so decided, and therefore nothing can nor should change, why then did the language that the Prophet spoke change?"

Trake smiled, "I will answer any question like this, but only when I know the answer. For many answers, it is you who must search, studying the Prophet's writings and the Commentaries."

"Will I study the Prophet's language?"

"Certainly, when you are admitted to the Novices."

"How do I become a Master?"

"First of all you enter as a Candidate. On average after three years you can become a Novice. After three more years, again on average, you become an Acolyte, then five more years and you can be a Professed. At this point the best Professed could become Masters, if and when they are ready. It took me in all thirteen years to become a Master. Then, amongst the Masters are chosen the Councilors, and amongst them are elected the Elders. Then the Elders elect the Order's Great Masters. And all the Great Masters, when the old Bergalilam passes away, elect the new Patriarch."

"Nobody is higher that the Bergalilam?"

"No. At his same level there is the Amgalilam of the Keepers and the ten Galialm of the nations, who comprise the Galialms' Council. In turn, each time they assemble, the Amgalilam or the Bergalilam act as presidents, having two votes. So that their decisions are always effective if they have a minimum of seven votes out of thirteen, even if there are only twelve persons."

"So Galil decided?" Jarvis asked.

"We will talk about this also, should you be admitted."

The month was particularly intense. Jarvis liked life In the Convivium. Everybody seemed serene, in there. The village people, each time they participated on the ninth or the third month's retreat, received a ring they could hang at their belt. When they earned the twelfth ring, they were authorized to wear clothes of the Order's colors, the yellow and the black. In the village only two women had this privilege. In that month they learned some simple dances, the songs and the physical exercises that can induce concentration, an essential condition to approach ecstasy, and the basic techniques of meditation.

When the month was over, Jarvis was enthusiastic - he asked to be received by the Convivium's Elder. The Elder was a young man, he was possibly forty years old, there were Masters and Councilors older than him. It was an honor for a village Convivium, to have amongst its members an Elder, that is an elector of the Great Master. The Elder received Jarvis in his studio.

"Come in, my young Jarvis. Master Trake told me that you ask to enter as a Candidate in our Convivium. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Elder."

"Our Master Trake has commended you quite highly. He says he has known you for three years. You are now sixteen, am I right?"

"On the third month of next year."

"The same month when Galil the Enlightened was born. It is an honor. Those born in the third month are gifted with fantasy, according to our scholars; Fantasy, tenacity, audacity. Three good talents, if well directed."

"That is why I would like to have a good guide."

"And do you look for him here, in our Convivium?"

"Yes, if you will accept me."

The man nodded, then said, "But those born in the Fie month like you, are also independent types - will you be able to abide by Convivium laws? The first being obedience, you know that?"

"Exactly, one who is independent must learn to obey."

"A good answer. You are clever, as Master Trake says. Are you already able to read and write? Did you attend the Keepers' school?"

"Yes, but I would like to learn it better to understand also the language of the Scriptures'."

"And why?"

"To correctly interpret the teachings of Galil the Prophet. Exactly as he pronounced them."

"This is praiseworthy. But you know it is said that a man's pride is his spouse and his children? Would you renounce this all?"


"And why?"

"They taught me that Galil said, 'who is the true man? Look at the sky birds; they don't try to emulate the sea fish. Look at the lily flower; it doesn't try to be a rose. Look at the flintstone; it doesn't claim to be a precious stone. But the bird flies free, the lily shines in the field, and the flint stone is precious to men. So have you to be'."

"Yes, a good quotation. And you, what are you?"

"I hope, a Mystic. But I will have time, as a Candidate first and then as a Novice, to be sure about that. As a bird; I am still a chick, as a lily, a stem, I have still to bloom. And as a flintstone, I am still inside the rock, somebody has to free me."

"And what if you, or us, become aware this is not your path?"

"I will look for another, until I find my true path."

"And if you cannot find it?"

"At least, I looked for it, I tried."

"Is it not easier and more simple to live the daily life as your ancestors all did?"

"The easiest path... is not always the right path."

"Yes, I agree. One last question, boy - if you are admitted, to which level do you aspire to rise?"

"To that of a Master."

"Nothing more than that?"

"To that level, it depends on me. But higher, it depends on others. I cannot ask for what doesn't depend on me."

"But if, someday, they offer you, for instance, to become an Elder?"

"If they offer me that, it means they think I could be one. So I will accept."

"Good. Well now, Master Trake, whom you well know, will entrust you to an Acolyte who will explain to you in detail what you have to do to become a Candidate."

Jarvis drew a silent breath of relief - he had been accepted. He stood up, bowed deeply to the Elder; "I thank you for your benevolence."

"I think you will be a good acquisition for our Order. You can go now, boy."

Master Trake was waiting for him, "Our Elder accepted you."

"How can you know? You didn't speak with him!"

"If he hadn't accepted you, before dismissing you he would have given you the ring of the retreat, but you don't have it. Come, I'll explain to you what you have to do now."

He took him to the Convivium wardrobe and the Acolyte gave him the Candidate clothes - black shoes, socks and loincloth, yellow tunic, collar, band and hat, and had him change into them. He undressed in front of Trake without hesitation. The Master was looking at him in silence. When he was dressed, the Master took him into the Great Hall.

"Now you will go back home. When the village people and your family see you wearing these clothes, they will understand.

"Your parents will tie you up and shut you inside the house as tradition demands. Your mother will cry, your father will threaten you. Don't be afraid. Tomorrow a procession will leave the Convivium and come to your village, to claim you. They will look for you and everybody will lead them to your house. Then the processional leader will ask your parents to surrender you to the Convivium. You will be untied and put on a litter, then brought to the Convivium.

"Then here at the door, the Elder will be waiting for you, and he will officially admit you, giving you the yellow mantle, symbol of the Order's protection. You will be assigned to the Candidates dormitory and an Acolyte will be named as your tutor. You should do anything he tells you. Besides him, you should also obey all who are of the Professed level, upward. Is that clear?"

"Will you, Master, not be my tutor?"

"No, not for now, anyway. But I will follow your progress closely. Anyway your tutor, the acolyte Doler, is the best amongst our Acolytes, you will harmonize nicely with him."

"Master, I am so happy I can live near to you!"

"I am too, my friend. I always liked you, and hoped one day to have you here, in the Convivium."

"You never told me so."

"No, certainly not. This desire had to be born spontaneously inside you. Now go, go back to your village. Tomorrow you will be with us again."

Jarvis left the Convivium. For the first time he was wearing socks and shoes - they gave him the feeling he was walking on the clouds - how comfortable they were! He went towards the village, walking erect, fast, proud and happy. He noticed that the people who, like him were going back to their houses, looked at him with respect and bowed at his passage - from his attire they understood that Jarvis, the farmer's son, would enter the Mystics. Jarvis answered to the bows with a smile and a nod, as he knew the United were meant to do. On reaching his village, he crossed the narrow streets until he reached his house.

His brother saw him coming, understood and ran inside calling the others. His mother came out shouting and crying, with his sisters. His father came out threatening, surrounded by his other sons, and the scene that Trake had forewarned, started. His mother and sisters were begging him to renounce, his father and brothers threatened him and swore they would stop him. All the neighbors come out and crowded around to look at the scene, in silence. Then his father took a rope and, helped by his sons, tied Jarvis like a criminal, then took a cane and beat him. They were not to hurt him too much, but they were not given just for appearance. Then they seized him, took him inside the house and laid him, still tied, on his bed. He remained alone.

Notwithstanding Trake's warning to him, the drama made an impression on him. His mother's tears were real, and also his father's wrath. After a while Mulke entered.

"Tell me, what is the matter with you? Do you really want to become a United?"


"Do you know that the United cannot have sex? How will you cope?" he asked him in a whisper.

"You and I were not allowed, but we did it, didn't we."

"Yes... do you mean that... they do it in there also?"

"No, I don't know. What I mean is, this is a lesser problem." Jarvis lied.

"Mmhh, you liked it too much. Anyway... you like only males, don't you?"


"And in there, you could possibly find one... like you."

"I don't know."

"Or possibly you already found him, did you? That's why you decided to enter there? You can tell me, I'm able to keep the secret."

"No... but I hope I can find someone... "

"But I'm sorry you're going."

"Because you can have no more fun with me, in the night?" Jarvis slyly asked.

"No! ... Well, perhaps for that too... But I do have my woman, you know that. I taught her to give head you know, and now she does it for me."

"Does she also let you fuck her ass?"

"No, not that, but I don't need that, with her, she gives me her other hole and I like it."

"Is she more skilled than me, to give head?"

"No, you are lot better."

"If you want to, tonight we can do it once again for the last time."

"I cannot untie you."

"We don't need that, do we?"

"Dad said you have to sleep alone."

"Tell him you want to watch over me. Let him think you are mad at me. So he possibly will allow you to sleep here. And when we are alone, in the dark, you can slip it in my mouth... can't you?"

"I would like to... I'll try. But you are tied in such a way that I can't make you cum."

"It doesn't matter. I want to give you head."

"With this talk... you've made me horny."

"Let me see it."

"Are you crazy? Not now, it's too risky. I hope I can sleep here, tonight, this one last time. I have to go now. If I'm able, I'll bring you some food."

Mulke was back a little later.

"I'm here again! Dad swallowed it. He said I am right in wanting to keep an eye on you... so I'll sleep here. I brought you some food. Wait, I'll feed you." Mulke said sitting near him and started to put small pieces of roast potatoes in his mouth. When he finished feeding him, he snuffed out the lamp. Then went to sit near his brother again, on the edge of the bed.

"Go on... " Jarvis said.

"Wait, they are not asleep yet."

"Who cares? Don't you want to?"

"Yes, of course."

"So then?" Jarvis asked, filled with desire.

He heard him bustle. Then felt Mulke's fingers lightly touching his face, his lips. Then, instead of the fingers, he felt on his lips the hard rod of his brother.

"Do you want it, Jarvis?"

"Yes, please!"

"Here it is, suck it." Mulke murmured excitedly.

The boy opened his lips and closed them in a circle around the tense, hot glans. His brother pushed his pelvis forward and slowly slipped the length of his turgid and shuddering member, between his lips down into the warm and welcoming mouth.

"Oh, my little brother, you are really skilled, even without using your hands. I like it so very much!" he murmured with a hoarse voice, starting to fuck Jarvis' mouth.

Jarvis was enjoying that eager, warm rod, in spite of the uncomfortable position he was tied in. The two brothers continued their peculiar union, savoring together the twice forbidden pleasure for their last time. Jarvis thought he would have loved being able to give that same service to master Trake and fantasized that he was doing it to the man and not to his brother, and became incredibly aroused. He sucked with eager passion, while his brother continued to move his pelvis back and forth in a regular rhythm, caressing his ears and hair. At each thrust, his brother's testicles slapped on his left cheek with a light rhythmic noise.

Jarvis felt that release was rising in his brother's member, while Mulke continued to caress his head, cheeks and nape of the neck, continuing to fuck his mouth with determination. He felt him tensing, shuddering from head to toe, then starting to pant rapidly.

"Make me cum, little brother, let me cum, drink it all, all my liqueur, get drunk! I would like to untie you, to push it in your nice small ass, but unhappily I cannot. Oooh, you are so good... oooh... oooh... I cu... cum... here... I'm near... here... oooh... oooh... I'm cu... cumming... cuuuuming!" he moaned with a hint of volume in his voice, and he came, pouring right into Jarvis' throat wave upon wave of warm and scented seed.

Jarvis drank it with big swallows, enjoying the strong shudders of that beautiful flesh pole pressed between his lips, against his tongue. And finally they parted slowly.

"It has been wonderful, hasn't it, Jarvis?"

"Yes, wonderful, Mulke."

"Do you know I love you, little brother?"

"You... love me?"

"Yes, I'm sorry to be loosing you. I love you so."

"Aren't you in love with your woman?" the boy asked with a hint of tearfulness in his voice.

"Yes I love her, and I like her, and am happy to marry with her. But I love you too, and I'm sorry to be loosing you." he said confusedly and bent down to kiss him, for the first time, deeply on the lips.

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