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The Mystics' procession came to the village and took Jarvis away. All along the way, the boy thought about the kiss his brother gave him, and his words - "I love you"! It was the first time he had been kissed in that way - he loved it. And it was the first time somebody told him he loved him. He asked his brother, "Why do you love me?"

"I don't know." Mulke answered.

"What does it mean, that you love me?" the boy then insisted.

"That I hope you will be happy, and wish I could be the one who makes you happy. If anything should happen, remember that I love you, and that I'll do anything I can for you!" his brother told him.

"I love you"! Those words resounded in the boy and were as sweet as the kiss Mulke gave him. He would like to find someone who would repeat them; someone to whom he could say the same. Possibly Master Trake, the boy thought... but told himself he mustn't daydream.

The Elder welcomed him and put the new mantle on him, then bade him enter the Convivium. This was now his home. Forever, if all went well. It was his new family. He was led into the Great Hall where the Mystics danced in his honor, singing Scripture texts. Then he was led to the refectory where they all ate together, then at last to the Candidates' dormitory where Acolyte Doler explained the Convivium schedule to him.

The days were hectic - study, physical training for the meditation, and dance, dance, dance. Then Convivium work: the cleaning, laundry, cooking, maintenance and so on. As well as debates with the Masters. Every three months, short tests, and every year comprehensive examinations.

Each Candidate had a black ribbon on his collar - each test passed, each successful debate, meant another ring on the ribbon, a white one for a test, and one of a different color for each Master who sanctioned him in a debate. To become a Novice, one had to earn at least ten white rings and not less than one ring from each Master. This required a minimum of two years. There was one Candidate with eighteen white rings, but missing one of the masters rings, and therefore couldn't become a Novice.

There were six other Candidates, boys between sixteen and twenty years old. He liked Petak, who was seventeen, right away. He came from a village on the mountain and was the son of the marshal. A big, strong boy, with a generous smile, and a real gift for dance. But not very good in the study of the language of Scriptures or theoretical studies.

Jarvis, on the other hand, had no difficulties with these, so he decided to help him.

"Petak, would you like to study the ancient language with me?"

"You're just a beginner."

"Yes, but you don't have the basics. Studying with me would be a good revision, for you."

"I'll never be a Master, not I."

"But at least a good Professed, don't you want to be?"

"I'll content myself becoming an Acolyte. That would be enough for me."

"Come on, study with me!"

"I guess I can give it a try..."

Petak was sleeping opposite Jarvis, with Dukko and Kuman. Jarvis slept between Derek and Shinte and further along slept Foles. Foles was seventeen years old and he was very beautiful, Jarvis liked him a lot, physically, but not much for his character, as he was rather conceited.

When they had to wash the floor, wearing just loincloths, Jarvis availed himself of the opportunity to admire the half-naked bodies of his companions. Not one of them was ugly. Foles and Petak were beautiful. But it was at the bath when he really enjoyed the view of the completely naked bodies of the others. They always bathed in ten prearranged rota's, in groups of six, with one or two for each level. In his bath turn there were the Novice Faron, twenty-one years old, the Acolyte Troo, just twenty years old, the Professed Chejo, twenty-seven, the professed Suke, and Master Trake.

He was glad he could see his master naked, and was in awe of him at once. To him he seemed so very beautiful! Fortunately salts were poured into the warm water of the big tub, which made it opaque, so that nobody could see his erection. He would have been embarrassed, being aroused in front of everybody. But seeing all these nudes, or almost nude men, increased the desire for sex in him. If only he were assigned in the Rota to clean the ovens with somebody he liked... possibly even with Kempi... Right! Kempi! He didn't have many chances to meet him even, and none to speak with him in private. He would have liked to ask him if there were others like them, here. Someone he did fancy was the Acolyte Dike, who cleaned the ovens with him. Surely, a really handsome young man. Sadly, it was the same with Dike; Jarvis was not able to have a private conversation. Who else could there be? It looked as though there was no solution. The only ones with whom he could be alone at times were the Masters, his assigned Acolyte and the other Candidates.

For instance, Petak. When they studied the ancient language together, they were completely alone at times. But dare he make an advance?

He enjoyed his debates with Master Trake enormously. The man explained so many things to him. For instance, he answered one question about the ancient language...

"The Keepers, and many United also, affirm that nothing changes, as you know. Yet the ancient language is no longer spoken, they say that in reality nothing has changed, that two languages have always existed, one sacred and one profane. However, this is not written in the Scriptures. It is only them who say this is so. So, if someday you read the writings of the Commentators of two thousand years ago. They are written in a language that is no longer that of the Scripture, but neither that of our day. It is, let us say midway. They say that in that period the scholars tried to meld the two languages into one, and precisely because it was an attempt at change, it didn't succeed. But this is simply absurd. Life is change, it's sufficient to look at a human being - as a child he is not as he will be when aged."

"But then, the language of the Scriptures was... is still a language in its childhood?" Jarvis asked.

"Yes, more or less. It was our language five thousand years ago. So, when you examine the ancient language, you will notice in the ten books of Galil - the first seven and a half are clearly written by the same person, in the same epoch. The remaining two and half were written by at least three different people in different epochs."

"What? They are not all by Galil?" the boy asked astonished.

The Master smiled, "In my opinion, and that of many other scholars, they are not. For instance, only at the end of the tenth book is there a short passage about the United, and only in the middle of the ninth are the Keepers mentioned. That means that before, they didn't exist. Yet Galil, in the first book already mentions his twelve sons. However, he says nothing of them being the chief of the Keepers or of the United. And he doesn't even mention the ten nations, but only one. Almost certainly, the twelve sons of Galil were in reality twelve disciples. In fact he never mentions their mother, his wife. Even though he calls them his 'sons'. The last two and a half books, mainly the Commentaries, written several generations later, tell us all we now know."

"But... what, weren't the Commentaries written by Galil's sons?"

"No, by the disciples of the disciples of the disciples, many generations later."

"Why then, are we taught differently?"

"Because if one concedes what I believe to be correct, that is that things gradually change, more things could change, and they don't want that to happen."

"But in this way, they are lying to us."

"No, they believe what they teach us is correct, as I do regarding my opinion. Who then is correct?"

"But if... if this is so, if you are right, Master, there must be more untruths!"

"Or at least they could be... interpreted in a different way."

Jarvis's mind was in turmoil, his thinking was a whirlwind of confusion. In the end he said, "Master, may I speak without fear of being reported, punished?"

Trake looked at him inquisitively, "As long as what you will tell me remains between you and myself, I certainly would not be the one to report you, and therefore nor to punish you."

"May I really open you my heart?"

"Certainly you may, if this is what you desire."

"I... it is not easy, but I... well, if two men make love, is that really a crime?"

Trake looked at him with even more interest, and then replied, "It is certainly a crime punishable by death. But possibly your question was slightly different - - if two men make love, is it really God's will that they have to be punished?

"Well, we don't know God's will, only interpret Galil's words. In his first seven books he says nothing on this subject. In the last books, it is only written that rain falls to make the land bear fruit, and similar things. Again, nothing about the love between two men. Well, not true, there is a sentence in the eight book - uniting water with water, or seed with seed, or land with land does not produce fruit. The commentators say that this means that two men or two women must not have sex between them. And as in the third book it is written that a tree not bearing fruit has to be cut away with an axe, they deduce that two persons of the same gender having sex, must be beheaded. That's all."

"But then, two men can make love."

"Certainly they can, but if caught, they are beheaded."

"Yes, according to law, but only according to the law." the boy said, trying to clearly grasp the implication of those words.

"Jarvis, does this problem concern you... personally?"

"I... " the boy hesitated briefly, but the gentle, reassuring eyes of the man gave him the courage needed - he felt he could put himself in his hands. Thus he said, "Yes, Master."

"I guessed so. And have you already loved a man?"

"I have had sex... But I am in love with a man, just... I just don't know if he too is in love with me."

"Possibly he could be in love with you, Jarvis."

"But how can I find that out?"

"Possibly he has loved you for years. But you are a boy and he a man. He waits possibly for you to mature."

"Somehow I would like to know, Master." Jarvis said without grasping the meaning hidden in those words.

"Jarvis, patience is a great virtue. Wait. In the fullness of time, I am sure, you and he will understand each other. You love him, and he loves you."

"Master, I have one other problem."

"Tell me. If I can help you, I will."

"I miss sex with other men, or boys. What should I do?"

"You have to learn to control yourself."

"At times it becomes really difficult."

"I can well imagine. But you must not let yourself go. It could be dangerous, both for yourself and for the other person."

"They would cut off our heads."

Trake laughed, "According to the law, only if there are three witnesses. But of course, even one witness could make the matter problematic. If he reports you in secret, he can find for two more witnesses and catch the two lovers. You know what happened at your village, don't you?"


"I was eighteen years old, at the time. But I remember it very well. The son, who wanted to take his father's place, spied on him. When he was certain, he called his neighbors telling them there were thieves in his home, and that they had to catch them, without making any noise, not giving them the chance to run away. The trap worked. The neighbors found two man making love. It was a squalid affair. The poor men were beheaded and the son gained his fathers station and all his possessions, without having to wait years to inherit them."

"At the village they say it was his wife that raised the alarm."

"No, it was his son, he told his mother he thought there were thieves at home, and convinced her to call their neighbors. A sad and squalid story."

"Master, I... I crave Petak." the boy said, at last.

"Ah. But you don't know if he desires you."

"I'm afraid he might report me."

"That would certainly be a major problem. In that case, at the first report, with just one witness, you would just be sent to another Convivium. On the second you would be moved again. But on the third you would be banished, even without proof. This is our law, here at the Order of Mystics. If though, you were to be caught in the act by two witnesses, you would not be reported nor beheaded, but simply exiled even for the first offence. In certain aspects our law is less harsh than the outside law, but in certain aspects it is harsher. Now you know how things stand!"

"Master, please advise me."

"Wait for your man to tell you he loves you, if you can. But you youngsters are hot-blooded, I know. Be prudent, very prudent with Petak."

"Even if he were agreeing? I would not even know where we could have privacy."

"Silly young man. A resourceful boy like you couldn't find a solution? I know you well, and I can't believe that."

"Master, I would like to be able to wait, but... "

"I hope you will be able. Anyway, if you need my advice again, anything you tell me will remain within these four walls, remember that. Anything and everything."

"Thank you, Master."

When Jarvis left, Trake said to himself, "Is it possible that the boy doesn't understand I love him? That I must wait until he is an adult? Let's hope he doesn't do anything foolish." Standing up, he decided he had to do all he could to protect his loved one.

He went to talk with Acolyte Doler. Certainly he could devise something. Doler was beholden to him, not least because he rescued him. For, when as a Novice, he risked receiving his first report from another Novice whom he tried to touch at night. Trake, to whom the offended novice went to talk, convinced the boy with some difficulty, that he had possibly been touched by a sleeping Doler, and therefore reporting him would be a big injustice. He succeeded.

Then he summoned Doler, urging him to be more prudent. Doler defended himself by denying it all at first, but then confessed he was attracted to males. Trake, who was then a Professed, spoke with another Professed with whom, when a novice he had a similar affair, and asked him to help Doler. At that time Trake could not, as he had a relationship with one of the Masters. His friend asked Doler to help him tidy the archives and once there, asked him to make love with him and with no one else again. They were still lovers.


"Yes, Acolyte Doler?"

"Tomorrow you and Candidate Petak will go and clean the cistern instead of washing the floor with the others. From now on, you will have to clean it every five days. Tomorrow we will work together so that I can teach you how and what you have to do. Let Petak know as well."

"Yes, Acolyte Doler." the naive Jarvis answered.

The next day all three of them went down in the cistern. Before going down Doler had the two boys wear only their loincloths. Once down inside he showed them where the lanterns were for lighting, were the tools were and how to use them.

"Well, boys, you have time until you hear the second bell. If you feel tired, you can have a short rest in this niche, the least humid of all. This work is tiring. I advise you to come here and take a rest when you hear the first bell. Then before coming out, you can wash yourselves here. Not in the cistern water, is that understood?"

"Yes, Acolyte." the boys answered.

Doler left them and they heard his treads going up the wooden ladder, then the noise of the trapdoor being closed again.

"This cistern is big!" Petak said and his voice resounded off the high stone vaults.

"Yes, let's get busy!" Jarvis answered, all the while thinking 'Here nobody can see us, and even more so in the niche. And if even somebody came, the ladder makes a lot of noise and one can put on ones loincloth again in just a moment. The wooden platform of the niche would be hard, but is dry clean, and broad enough - it's as wide as two beds, it almost seems to be done on purpose...'

He didn't know, that even though it was not built expressly for clandestine meetings, it had often been used for that purpose. But Doler knew this, knew it from his lover, who used it several times when he was a boy. Several generations of Mystics knew the many discrete places for sexual encounters when they were Candidates or Novices: the cistern, as well as the oven, and even the maze of the underground cemetery. At times also when they were Acolytes or Professed, because, even if they had private rooms, they could not take a Candidate or a Novice there. The problem only ceased for two lovers who were at least Acolytes.

No one entered another's room without knocking and this gave time enough to pull on a tunic and hide the loincloths. In two seconds they were presentable. With the loincloths, there was a technique to hide them under their tunics so that they would not fall out and embarrass them. But Jarvis would only discover all that much later. Jarvis and Petak worked hard. When the first bell sounded, they had already cleaned three quarters of the large cistern.

"Let's go take a rest." Jarvis said.

"Let's finish, come on!"

"No, we have plenty of time. Since Doler advised us to take a rest, it would be better to take it, don't you think? Besides, I do feel quite tired. Come." Jarvis said determinedly, already beginning to feel aroused.

Petak followed him. They lay on the platform inside the niche. Jarvis untied his loincloth.

"What are you doing?" Petak asked, bewildered. At first averting his eyes from his companion's erection, then looking directly at him.

"It was too tight." Jarvis slyly said.

"I can believe you!" Petak giggled without looking away.

"Take yours off too, go on."

"But I don't feel it is tight." Petak again giggled.

"Go on!" Jarvis insisted trying to untie his companion's loincloth.

Petak, laughing, tried to stop him, but Jarvis was fast, pulling on the right end, Petak's loincloth fell open.

"Come on! Stop it!" Petak protested weakly, blushing and covering his genitals with his cupped hands.

"You are looking at mine, and won't let me see yours? That's not fair." Jarvis said trying to pull away his companion's hands.

Petak resisted, but the movement aroused him and when Jarvis succeeded in pulling his hands away, the boy's member sprang up, half erect, and Petak blushed more.

"Tell me, Jarvis, what do you want from me?" the boy asked, sounding upset.

"To make love with you." Jarvis said, forthrightly.

"Come on, don't be daft. You know it is forbidden, don't you?"

"Nobody can see us here. Come on, Petak, you'll see how great it is."

"I never did such things, it is forbidden."

"Relax... " Jarvis insisted, starting to caress his friend's turgid member.

Petak whispered weakly, "Nooo... " but Jarvis bent between his legs and started to lick it.

"Oh, NO, what are you doing? Stop it, Jarvis. No, wait! Ooooh... noooo... oooh, don't stop... oooh..." Petak moaned and abandoned himself to the sensations.

Petak's hands then moved to caress, fondle Jarvis' genitals. Jarvis turned so that his quivering tool brushed his companion's face, and Petak started to lick the member offered. Jarvis started to suck Petak and Petak followed suit at once, and they united in a spontaneous sixty-nine. It lasted but a short while, as both were too excited and came quickly. First Petak, who was amazed when he became aware that his companion not only didn't complain, but was eagerly swallowing it all. When, a moment later Jarvis also came, he tried to swallow, and with some difficulty managed to do so.

"Oh, Jarvis!"

"Yes, Petak?"

"What did we do?"

"Love, Petak."

"But it is forbidden!"

"Not, if nobody knows. Here nobody can see or catch us. And we can do it again every five days."

"No, I don't want to."

"You liked it, didn't you?"

"Yes, but it's wrong."

"Why, we both like it! You liked it, Petak, didn't you?" Jarvis insisted leaning against him and caressing his body.

"Yes... and I like how you are caressing me, but..."

"Shush, then. Certainly we are not the first to do it here."


"I like you, Petak. We are not the only ones, I am sure there are other couples."


"Don't you like me?"

"Yes, but..."

"Caress me, then." Jarvis said, emphatically, but sweetly, and at last Petak caressed him.

"In five days again, you and I, here. We will do it again, Petak, won't we?"

"I don't know..."

"And we can do even more beautiful things, you know that?"


"I'll teach you."

"It's not your first time, is it?"

"No, sure."

"Have you done this with many?"

"You are the only one here. Before that, at the village, yes."

"With many?" Petak insisted.

"More than one, yes."

"But what if you'd been caught?"

"I was very careful, as I was with you - for a long time I've wanted this, but only today did I realise that we were safe here. Do you know what, I like your taste."

"Yours is weird."


"No, just odd."

"Because you are not used to it. You'll see, you'll get to like it. We will do it again, in five days, won't we?"

"I don't know... maybe."

"You have a beautiful body you know?"

"You too, Jarvis." the other said and blushed.

They put their loincloths back on and continued the work. While they worked the second bell rang. Before the third bell, they were done.

"Let's climb out." Petak said.

"No, wait for the third bell."


"Doler told us we had to stop at the third bell, didn't he? It means that the second bell is the warning bell. So next time we don't have to hurry."

"To hurry... cleaning?"

"No! To make love, silly!" Jarvis told him, and wondered if Doler knew that the time between bells was needed to clean and also to make love.

"But what do we do now, in the time left?"


"What about?"

"About sex - I'll tell you about my first time." Jarvis said quietly, and told him all there was to tell until the third bell rang.

When Doler saw them emerge from the cistern right on the third bell, he knew they had made love - the boys who didn't, normally came out earlier.

He told Trake who, smiling, nodded and asked himself if and when the boy would tell him about it.

The Convivium cooks were skilled, but that evening the two boys really did the food justice. Jarvis was now more relaxed than usual. Even though his studies went well before, now they improved.

When they went down to clean the cistern again, they both already felt aroused.

"Let's clean it fast, Jarvis." Petak said.

"We have to clean it nicely, or we will be replaced." his friend smiled at his impatience, it pleased him.

"Right, I didn't think about that." Petak answered and started to carefully clean. They did a good job and again, when the first bell sounded, they had cleaned three quarters of it.

"Can we go?" Petak asked immediately.

As soon as they arrived in the niche, the boy freed himself of his loincloth at once. Jarvis smiled again, followed suit then grabbed Petak's waist pulling him towards himself.

"Let's lay down." Petak whispered.

"Wait. Let's first caress each other for a while, like this." Jarvis answered holding him tight against himself, caressing his firm and sinewy butts and then going down with his lips to suckle his nipples.

"Oh, Jarvis, that's great!" his companion moaned, relishing these intense sensations, so new to him.

Jarvis brushed in the fold between the buttocks with his fingers, lingering more and more on his friends little virgin hole.

"Oh, Jarvis, you really know how to touch me!"

"Do you like it?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Where do you like being touched best?"


"Here in your little hole also?"

"Yes... You want to put your 'thing' inside there, don't you? I know that some males do that between them."

"Oh, really? Who told you?"

"My father's helper, the apprentice marshal."

"Did you do it with him?"

"He talked about these things with me, but he never tried."

"He was possibly waiting you to give him the opportunity."

"But you took your opportunity." Petak giggled, then asked again, "You want to put it inside me, right?"

"Yes, I sure do."

"Will it hurt? Your tool is much bigger than my hole."

"It stretches easily. And I'll try not to hurt you."

"And I? May I too push it inside you?"

"Yes, of course."

"Do you like it?"

"I like being on top more than on bottom, but I like it."

"It is called 'to screw', isn't it?"

"Yes, it is called that. But I prefer to say 'making love'. If you suck my rod first and make it wet with your spit, it will enter more easily."

"I like sucking your thing." Petak said kneeling in front of him and starting to give him head.

After a while Jarvis made him stand up, "Lean with your hands against the wall and push your nice ass backwards, go on."

"Wait, I have to put some spit on my hole."

"No, I'll do it. Take your position."

Petak obliged readily. Jarvis went close to him, crouched behind him and started kissing his little ass, while he massaged Petak's genitals. Then started to push his tongue up and down the furrow as Petak pushed his pelvis back. Jarvis brushed the little hole with his tongue.

"Oh Jarvis, your tongue is driving me crazy with pleasure!"

"Just wait till I put something better in there!" Jarvis said starting to alternate his tongue with a wet finger with which he penetrated him, little by little, "Do you like it?"

"Oh yes! Inside it is more sensitive than outside, It's great! Screw me, go ahead, I want it!"

"No, you are still too tense, and too tight. You have to relax more. The more relaxed you are, the less it will hurt you."

"Jarvis, screw me!"

"I don't want to hurt you."

"I don't give a shit! I want you inside me!"

"When I feel you are more relaxed." Jarvis insisted resuming to rim the little hole.

"Please, Jarvis, screw me, I can't wait any more!" Petak begged.

Then Jarvis stood up, held him with a hand on his belly while with the other aimed his stiff pole at the little hole.

"Relax, Petak, I want you too enjoy it."

"Go on!"

"Here I am..."

"Oh, yes!"

"I'll start to push..."


"Here!" Jarvis said and started to increase pressure. The hole resisted. He increased his pressure even more. "Relax, let me enter all the way, relax."

"Push more!"

Now Jarvis was pushing with all his might, his feet planted on the floor, pulling his friend's pelvis toward him and thrusting his member forward so that, even though very hard, it bent under the strain. But the hole still wouldn't yield, 'it is too tight' Jarvis thought, sweating with effort. He was about to quit when Petak suddenly relaxed and he sank inside him. Petak gave a short scream and the yell resounded in the cistern.

"Did I hurt you?" Jarvis asked dejectedly, becoming still.

"It is all inside, isn't it?"

"Yes, it entered to the hilt, but... shall I pull out?"


"Doesn't it hurt you?"

"Just when it entered. It seemed really huge, as if you put your whole arm in! Screw me, go ahead!" his friend moaned in excitement.

Then Jarvis started to move slowly, and seeing that his friend was not complaining, regained his courage and started to pump inside him with growing vigor and pleasure - it was really very tight, hot like a furnace, but slippery like a pat of butter.

"Do you like screwing me, Jarvis?"

"Yes, to die for. And you?"

"I like it, I like it! You are strong, like my ram when he covers the ewes. Do you like my little ass?"

"OH! Yes!"

"And I like your beautiful cock, both when you put it in my mouth and in my ass. No doubt about it, I would like to have one in my mouth also, at the same time. Oh Jarvis, why didn't anyone let me try this before?"

"This is tremendous, Petak!"

"You like screwing me, don't you?"

"Yes... oh, I'm cumming, cumming!"

"Yes, ram, fill me!"

"0h, yeeees..." Jarvis moaned unloading inside his companion with a hard, desperate thrust.

Petak also came, spurting his load violently against the wall, and firmly pushing his small ass back, rocked against his friend's groin.

They stopped, panting, still without parting, covered with sweat.

"It's really fantastic, Jarvis!"

"Yes, really. You came too?"


"Now how can you take me?"

"I can't."

"Next time?"


They parted. "But I need to rest for a few minutes, now." Jarvis said, sitting down.

"I too, I feel drained." answered Petak lying beside him, and started to suck Jarvis' nipples.

"Hey, what are you doing? You'll arouse me again!"

"Good!" his friend said continuing to suck his nipples.

"But we don't have enough time, now." Jarvis sighed caressing the lithe body of his friend.

Five days later, Petak took Jarvis. He liked it, but confessed he much preffered being penetrated.

"Well, frankly I like to penetrate best," Jarvis said.

"Good, that makes us a perfect couple. Next time, we will suck each other first, then you can screw me. But I would like to take two cocks at once, I'm sure!"

"I don't think it would be very easy, I fear you have to content yourself with me." Jarvis said, giggling.

It was after the third time that Jarvis told Trake about Petak and him.

"Are you in love with him?" the man asked serenely.

"No. I like making love with him, but I am not in love with him, Master."

"Are you still in love with your secret man?"

"Yes. But he does not seem to be interested in me. Possibly he just doesn't like men, or he doesn't like me. Or he is in love with another boy, who knows?"

"At times appearances can be deceptive. Didn't you tell me Petak seemed uninterested in you?"

"That's true," he answered. "But I was thinking I would tell him."


"Well that 'secret' man, of course."


"That I am in love with him."

"Perhaps you just think you are in love. You now have your Petak, don't you?"

"No, it's different. And I'll renounce a thousand Petaks, for him."

"But if he knew what you do with Petak, how do you think he would feel?"

"To me Petak is just a friend, not a lover."

"And to Petak, what are you?"

"Just a friend."

"Have you talked with him about that?"

"Yes, and he says he is okay with it."

"But did you tell him you are in love with another?"

"No, because... I can't tell him with whom I am in love."

"Really? And why?"

"I don't want to endanger the man I love."

"But, why do you love him?"

"It is difficult to tell the reason, but I love him."

"No, Jarvis. The day you understand why you love him, will be the day you can really be sure you love him,"

"What if I never understand that?"

"Try to think about it. When you understand it, come to see me and tell me. It would mean you have grown up, become a man."


"Tell me?"

"May I always come to see you and talk about these matters?"

"Certainly yes, without any problem."

"May I ask you something very personal?"

"Try it."

"You, Master, did you ever fall in love?"

"It is not proper for a master to talk about himself with a student. This is one of our rules." he hedged.

"But if he who asked you was an Acolyte... would you answer him?"

"I wouldn't answer to just anybody who asked me, but to some I would. To you, without doubt."

"Why would you, to me?"

"Because I trust you." the Master said with a slight smile.

Jarvis was determined he had to become an Acolyte as soon as possible. So that he could ask, he could know.

So Jarvis started to study with even more zeal. His teachers were happy with him. He passed all the tests with good marks, and in all the debates with the Masters he earned the colored ring on the first attempt. His ribbon was rapidly filling up. He was so skilled, that he started even to try the advanced tests before time, often passing them with adequate points.

Thus, even though Petak was a year older than him, they became Novices almost in the same time. This meant that the cleaning of the cistern was entrusted to two different Candidates, so for a while Jarvis and Petak were not able to have their 'rendezvous'. But this was more of a burden for Petak, as Jarvis was more and more engrossed in his studies. Right now there were seven Novices - Jarvis, the youngest at almost eighteen, Petak and Shinte nineteen, Kuman, Kempi and Domke, twenty years old, and Flue, twenty-one. Jarvis knew that Kempi was like him and soon, now that they lived together, discovered that Domke was Kempi's secret friend. He passed this secret information on to Petak.

Although Jarvis was unaware of it, Petak still chased after his dream to be penetrated by two cocks at once, and started to look for a chance to do it, at least with one of them, or better with both Domke and Kempi. But there weren't many opportunities and so some months elapsed before he succeeded in his dream. And then told Jarvis about it.

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